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Woodworking, Rural Home Invaders and Coyotes

Dale is doing more with wood than stacking it these days


We had an interesting weekend at Our Little House.

Dale is getting into woodworking, so we spent part of the weekend going to the Big Box hardware stores where he could find the tools he needed to start a project he’s been yearning to do since we moved.

He’s wanted to build a utility table for the deck, one I could use as a potting table and that we could also use when we’re cooking outdoors.

He received some money and gift cards for Christmas, so he purchased some woodworking tools and went to work.

And he did an awesome job, although he didn’t want me to take any photos of it. He built it out of old pallets he had stored from our move, so it isn’t very pretty, but it is sturdy and functional.

A hobby for eventual retirement? Definitely.

A potential source of second income? If he continues on this track, most definitely. I hope he maintains his interest.

It was certainly great seeing him so content working in his garage on Sunday and then rushing home from work Monday night to get back at his table.