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I can be Greener

Here’s another awesome guest post by a Living Large community member, Heather Larson. It was inspired by a comment someone made to Heather on another post about how lucky she is to live in the very green state of Washington. If you’re headed to Washington, or just love to read about it, Heather also writes a fantastic blog, Discover Washington State. I still have room for a few more guest posts. Anyone? fivecoat@ozarkmountains.com

A very green kitchen

When Kerri asked me to write a blog post about being green, I felt a little embarrassed. Although I write about green building and I live in the Evergreen State (Washington), which is extremely eco-friendly, I don’t do much myself to save the planet. I use CFL bulbs when I can, I started a compost bin in the kitchen and then didn’t know what to do with it and I am growing a small crop of vegetables this year. But my husband, Bob, leaves all the lights on, runs the water constantly while rinsing the dishes or brushing his teeth and pretty much thinks green living is a bunch of hooey.

I knew I could do more than I’m currently doing that wouldn’t cost a great deal or be time consuming so I drove to the landfill (no telltale aroma of Tacoma there) to see the City of Tacoma’s EnviroHouse. This little gem measures 820 square feet and was built to illustrate just how green a home can be.