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A Respite From the Heat

It has been unusually cool at Our Little House this week, but we’ve been enjoying the fall-like temperatures, which have allowed us to open the windows and be outside more.

I’m still struggling with container gardening. I expanded it a lot last year with no more success than I had with just a few pots. This year, I only have one larger tomato and one cherry tomato plant.

I also grew cilantro earlier.


Stayin’ Alive in August

In a way, it’s a miracle that I’m even writing about gardening in August.

Typically, at this time of the year, everything is burnt to a crisp and done.

This has not been a typical year, however. We had snow in May, delaying our planting and then a cool, very wet end of July and first of August.

I haven’t had the bounty of tomatoes and peppers for which I had such high hopes in May.


Tomatoes, Rats and Other News from Our Little House

Our cherry tomato plant started getting buds about a week ago.

This week, those buds morphed into teeny-tiny tomatoes.

I’m very pleased, but a little surprised. Although we put our container garden in about one month ahead of schedule due to the unusual warm
weather, I really didn’t expect buds and tomatoes this soon.

Particularly since it turned cooler the past couple of weeks. There were even a couple of nights I threw a sheet over them just in case of a frost.

In other news from the Party Deck this week, we’ve had to resort to exterminating some mice ad wood rats that have taken up residence in our basement and around the house.


Nature’s Bounty During a Strange Spring

I think the lyrics, “Rainy Days and Mondays,” was written for this past Monday at the Little House. It poured all day and was extremely cool for this time of the year. It wasn’t cold enough to fire the woodburner back up, but I had to turn on the oven for a little while just to take the chill off.

It’s been a strange spring in many areas of the country. I read on my Facebook page about friends turning their furnaces back on and snow still falling in parts of the west.