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A Tale of Two Turtles on World Turtle Day

Today is World Turtle Day, so I think it’s fitting that we were able to save a box turtle yesterday.

Dale called me yesterday morning and said, “I have a box turtle in a box.”

Ok, I’ll bite. “Why would you have a box turtle in a box?”

“He was in our bathroom, and I’m going to bring him home and let him go.”

“In your bathroom at work? That’s weird,” I said.

“Better than the skunk they found in there a few years ago,” he replied.

It was a fine idea to bring the turtle here, considering that there are busy roads all around his job and not only that, he works with some really immature and evidently cruel people.

Some of the other men at his work tossed a huge snapping turtle around a couple of years ago until it died.

When I told a friend about this, she said, “Grown men?” Yes. Sadly.