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Living Large in Our Little House Links

Here are some links you might enjoy checking out this weekend!

Organic pet food sales are growing (remember, readers, I work for an excellent company, K9 Cuisine, which supplies online only the highest quality commercial pet foods on the market. You can purchase your high quality pet food without additional sales taxes and have it delivered directly to your door!) The best part of it is the company founder’s values regarding donating to animal causes.

This article defines fresh, local, organic.

Coupons a good way to also save on organic groceries.

Start ‘em off right. Organic clothing for newborns.

McMansions falling out of home buyer’s favor (Really!? We small house owners could have told them that!)

This writer argues that bamboo is not really green.

Going green with your exercise routine!

An ultra modern tiny kitchen design.

Would you pay more for green toys?

Living Large in Our Little House Links

Happy February Living Large community! Here are links to some stories I thought you might find interesting, entertaining and/or informative:

GMO Alfalfa approved. This is bad news for people who want to eat pure organic products, grown from heirloom seeds. My neighbor, who has eaten a vegetarian, organic diet for nearly 30 years calls these “Frankenseeds.”

And more on the Frankenseeds ruling by the Obama White House.

You can even choose to be buried “green,” and don’t let the funeral directors tell you otherwise!

Phil may have said winter was going to end early, but Woody predicts 6 more weeks of winter – what a surprise!

The advantages of bamboo flooring

New Zealand fascinates me. Their demand for organic milk continues to grow.

The controversy continues over CFL bulbs.

Living Large in Our Little House Links

Here are the Living Large Links for this week!

When some people see a balloon release, they see happy colors floating through the air. The rest of us see a potential danger to wildlife.

Small houses are catching on in Bangkok.

Our national parks are truly treasures, but it seems to me that visiting one with 4 million other people defeats the purpose.

Learn to live in 80-square-feet.

Blogger goes with Meatless Mondays, says saving on meat helps offset cost of buying organic.

Another Tiny House success story.

How to choose windows for your tiny house.