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The Meaning

BungalowI always become a little nostalgic this time of year as the old Christmas songs and movies awakens the wonder I remember as I child. When I think of my childhood holidays, my mind takes me back to those spent in my parent’s Little Green Bungalow; as opposed to the several we spent later in my teen years in the Big Brick Tudor.

The Christmases spent in the Big Brick Tudor were beautiful. My mother really had the room to decorate, but it is the cozy holidays in the Little Green Bungalow where my inner child’s heart lies.

My mom loved Christmas, the decorating, shopping, wrapping, and especially when we opened our gifts. My parents came from the Greatest Generation and as a child during the Depression; there were many Christmases that Santa left only an orange and a few pieces of candy.


Something Old, Something New in Holidays

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Now, for today’s post:


I didn’t spend Friday trying to grab the latest deals on more stuff, nor will I spend Cyber Monday trying to find the greatest deals online. We used to do the mad shopping dash, but do very little holiday shopping now.

Still, this weekend was spent with some old traditions and with many new ones here at The Little House. When Dale and I had tons of family to spend to spend the holidays with and we usually had to eat more than one turkey dinner to make everyone happy, we decided that when our family was gone we would eat tacos on Thanksgiving. Since his family remains in KC, we’ve been doing just that for the past three years here at The Little House.