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Grow More with Less Book Giveaway

In the winter, most of us cannot garden, but we can read about gardening and that’s almost as good!

Today, Vincent Simeone, author of Grow More With Less gives Living Largers some tips on building a sustainable garden.

Simeone says that sustainable gardening doesn’t have to lead to a massive garden overhaul. In his book, he makes sustainable gardening accessible to all. His theory is you should, “make your garden work for you. Make it give more than it takes.”

He suggests creating big projects mixed with plenty of smaller projects that give big rewards.


Home Farming Movement at Our Little House

Spring arrived at Our Little House last week and just in time to put me in the mood for gardening.

A couple of weeks ago, I started seeing a television commercial for the “Home Farming Movement,” but I kept forgetting to look at the website, until this weekend.

Turns out, it is a marketing gimmick by Triscuit crackers, but the site still has some very useful information and they have declared today Home Farming Day.


Summer’s Bounty

As summer winds down, some of our Living Large in Our Little House community might find themselves with more summer harvest bounty than good recipes.

Unfortunately, that is not the case here this year. A wet, cool spring followed immediately by too hot of temperatures made for a short growing season. As you can see in my post from a few days ago, my grape and volunteer tomato plants have about had it and the ones in the garden didn’t fare much better.

Still, I know some of you are still picking and growing. Here’s a couple of recipes from my mother’s recipe box that have long been staples for summer in our family:


Nature’s Bounty During a Strange Spring

I think the lyrics, “Rainy Days and Mondays,” was written for this past Monday at the Little House. It poured all day and was extremely cool for this time of the year. It wasn’t cold enough to fire the woodburner back up, but I had to turn on the oven for a little while just to take the chill off.

It’s been a strange spring in many areas of the country. I read on my Facebook page about friends turning their furnaces back on and snow still falling in parts of the west.