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Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Photo by Mary Nida Smith

One thing I love about Our Little House being so far out in the country is the quiet.

I can sit in the morning, as I have all this week, on the party deck or on the covered front porch with the Fearsome Four, reading the newspaper and drinking coffee with nothing but the occasional buzz of the hummingbirds coming for a drink off of the feeder.

However, this summer, there’s been an unnatural hum ringing through the mountains that the dogs have even noticed.


Nesting Season Part Two

Mamma Wren in Her Nest

As I wrote last fall, that is typically “nesting” season for us humans, but of course, spring is nesting season for most of the wildlife that surrounds us, including birds.

Last spring, we cleaned out some boxes from the metal storage building and left them on the front covered porch.

A little wren decided to make a nest there and by the time I discovered it, there were little eggs already in the nest and we didn’t want to disturb her.

Although I love having my morning coffee on the front porch in the warm weather months, for about two months we used the back door as much as we could. We kept a distanced eye on her and her eggs. By May, we heard the little peeps chirping for food. By the first of June, her little babies were all gone and I reclaimed my front porch.


The Front Porch has me Covered

Ice Cream Table and LanternWe all have our morning rituals, and our covered front porch allows me to engage in one of my favorites – sitting down with a cup of coffee, an actual newspaper, and my thoughts.
This is one of my favorite places that we built onto The Little House, as well as to the Belle Writer’s Studio.
We weren’t here when the foundation went in for The Little House and the first thing we learned about building a house from 300 miles away – don’t try it. The front of The Little House is actually supposed to be facing the driveway, with the party deck facing the lake below.
Instead, the covered front porch is facing the woods and while it is supposed to be the front of the house, is the last thing anyone sees when they visit.
Having spent the first morning out on the covered front porch enjoying the view of the canopied yard was done was enough to bring me peace regarding its cock-eyed direction.