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Living Large Tip of the Week: Remembering those Cloth Bags

We've been using the same cloth bags for two decades

I’ve blogged that converting to cloth grocery bags is one of the easiest ways to help the environment. In over 20 years of using cloth bags, we’ve calculated that we’ve saved over 10,000 plastic bags from being produced and thrown into the landfill.

Cloth bags also helps you reduce clutter/trash that you bring into your home and it could save you money at the grocery store as many stores gives you at least .05 cents for every bag.

When I blogged about this before, readers lamented that they have tried to convert to cloth bags, but they cannot remember to bring them each trip.

Here’s some tips on remembering your cloth bags:

  • Keep them in your car under the seat where they will be out of the way, yet still visible when you go to grab your purse.
  • When making your grocery list, write”cloth bags” at the top of your list as the first item each week until grabbing them becomes a habit.
  • If you clip coupons, use some scrap bits of recycled paper, making “coupons” for your cloth bags. Keep them with your coupons until this easy way to save money becomes second nature. .25-.50 cents a week may not seem like a lot until it adds up to $13-$26 per year!
  • If you shop with someone else, remind each other about your bags. This could be a fun game to play with your children and a way to help teach them about saving our planet.

This post is part of the Patchwork Living Blogging Bee over at Attainable Sustainable.

Do you use any other methods to remember your cloth bags?