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Small Holiday Decor with a Big Impact

Decorating a little house is a challenge anytime of the year, but the holidays present more challenges.

When we moved from our larger house in the city, I had boxes upon boxes of holiday decorations, including a large and a small tree, kitchen décor, bathroom décor and décor for the porches and exterior doors.

I now have to be very selective, putting out only a few small holiday decorations that can have a big impact to the room.


Room for the New Stuff

Holiday officeIf you celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a very Merry one, and I hope, if you had the opportunity for some time off, that you enjoyed some down time with family and friends, hearth and home.

The thing about having a small space and celebrating Christmas is that you have to find the room to put the stuff you just got. Granted, we didn’t get much stuff, I asked for things I needed from Dale – a bottle of good smelling burning oil, some lotions, and sweats (my work wear). We also got a few other things and lots of candy and various food items. Still, all of this stuff had to find a home in the pantry and closets to keep to my mantra of “a place for everything and everything in its place.”