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Save for Earth Day

Earth Day is upon us and there’s nothing retailers love better than a holiday to offer some savings, right?

As a writer, I receive press releases via email every day and the Earth Day press releases have been coming for well over a month.

I thought I would share some of the sites that have deals going on this week or some are just for tomorrow.

At the very least, you might become aware of some interesting outlets:


Deck Gardening

Congratulations, Auntie Em! You’re the winner we drew for the OKA b. Shoes, made here in the U.S. partially from recycled materials! Go to the OKA b. website, choose the style and send me your shipping address and shoe size by tomorrow (Tuesday April 20 at 5 p.m. CST) to claim your prize! My email: Thanks to all of my readers who participated in the drawing, and thanks to OKA b. Shoes for participating in this Earth Day giveaway! If you didn’t win, please consider buying your summer sandals from OKA b., I know I’ve already got my pair picked out!

Buddy Planted Himself in a Flower Pot

As spring unfolds here at The Little House, it means getting the party deck ready for long afternoons with a book, backyard bar-b-ques, and stargazing.

I consider myself a “deck gardener,” mostly because I’ve never had a yard that compliments any type of real gardening skills.

In the city, our yard was pie shaped, with the wider of the ends toward the front of the yard. We had one large tree in the middle of the backyard, which shaded our yard, as well as part of the neighbors. We also had the utility box for the whole block’s power and cable parked in the center of our yard by the back fence. Both obstacles made planting difficult and once we had the house treated for termites, we could not plant anything around the barrier of the house either.


The Closet Rotation

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush” – Doug Larson

Well, we’re beyond slush here, but we might get a sandal full of spring rain! It’s that time of year again for me to rotate my closet and get out my spring and summer clothes.

I always know this because in the fall and winter, I leave just 2 t-shirts to wear, just in case there’s an unusually warm day.

I’ve had to wash those 2 t-shirts twice as often these past two weeks, so it’s time to get more out!

I complain about the cold in the winter, but I love the change of seasons, particularly since moving here to The Little House.


Dog Food Action Day

My friend and blogging colleague, Roxanne Hawn, declared today Dog Food Action Day,  a day to purchase a bag of dog food (or any pet food) and take it to your local food pantry, animal shelter or rescue to give to a needy family for their pets.

I’m challening my Living Large readers, Tweeps and other social media friends to read a story on my Rescue Me blog about how a donation of dog food made a huge difference for one man and his 3 dogs.  I’m hoping I can gather 10 commitments to retweet, repost and pass the word about the campaign!

Mid Month Goal Check

Wow. I cannot believe that it is the middle of April already (and time to pay Uncle Sam for those of us who owe in the U.S.) Ugh.

Anyway, I was sitting on the deck last night looking at all of the beautiful stars and that bright moon thinking it would be a good time to re-visit my Earth Day goals for the month to see how I’m doing.


It’s Weekender Season

Rae, Dale and Fred making pasole

Thank you, everyone who entered the drawing on Friday in celebration of Earth Day. Congratulations, S.A.B.L.E., you’re the winner we drew for the $20 gift card to K9 Cuisine! Please contact me at to claim your prize by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 13. I need your full name, email , and mailing address. Thanks!

Stay tuned, readers, for more cool drawings this month!


I don’t think there’s any better of a weekend than spending time with good friends and neighbors.

On Saturday, we planned a meal with our friends and neighbors who also happen to be from Kansas City. Fred and Rae have been trying to sell their home in the city now for a year and although they are here every other weekend, they would like to be here permanently.

We’ve spent the past three years developing a friendship that extends to spending the holidays together.


A New Buddy


My friend and neighbor with whom we are gardening called me the other night. I could tell something was wrong immediately in her voice.

“Someone dumped a dog up here and someone told me there was an animal sanctuary on your road,” she said.

I asked the type of dog. She and her husband both thought it was a Beagle or Beagle mix, they didn’t know much about dogs. They could tell it was male, but couldn’t even tell me if he was fixed.

The “animal sanctuary” she referred to really never got off the ground and the woman only took wolf hybrids anyway. I offered my friend the number to the local SPCA and she said she had tried the shelters and all were full, no one would take him.

“He’s such a nice dog,” she said. “I can’t even pet him because I don’t want to get attached because of whatever has to be done….” Her voice trailed off.


Modern Pioneers?

When I recently did a radio interview on living in a small space and trying to be more conscious of the environment, the host called us “modern pioneers.”
While we’ve been called “homesteaders,” by our county seat in relation to the taxes we pay on our real estate, I had never been called a pioneer before.
My Merriam Webster Dictionary defines pioneer as “one that originates or opens up a new line of thought or activity,” or “an early settler in a territory.”