Living Large In Our Little House

Heating a Tiny House


Baby, it’s getting cold outside, which means we have to have some kind of heat going in Our Little House and the Belle Writer’s Studio on a daily basis.

We have three different kinds of heat. In Our Little House, we have a wood stove and one of those electric oil heaters.

In the Belle Writer’s Studio, I have a wall mounted air/heat pump combo. If you’re getting ready to build a tiny or small home, it’s good to know your options and the pros/cons of each:


We Moved to the Country and This Happened…


When we moved to Our Little House eight years ago, it was partially for a desire to escape city life and live on the lake full time. But at least for me, our move was also fueled by a desire to escape our hometown, the place that held so many memories of my mom, who I had lost earlier that year.

After that raw grief subsided and we survived the Great Recession, we dreamed of returning “home.”


Living Large in Our Little House Book Cover

Living Large Book

I am so thrilled to show you the cover of “Living Large in Our Little House: Thriving in 480 Square Feet with Six Dogs, a Husband and One Remote..and More Stories of How You Can, Too.”

The book is due out June 7, 2016. Watch for more announcements!