Living Large In Our Little House

Updating our Vision at Our Little House

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About a year and half ago I wrote about The Law of Attraction, which is basically the power to draw things into our lives.

I do believe in the power to draw good things we want into our lives. It’s not magic, but is based on a combination of science, a good plan and the ability to know when to jump onto opportunity.


Living our own Lives is Living Large

The other day, Debra Jordon made a comment on the Reducing Stress post on Living Large. Debra lives in a 320-square foot cabin with her husband and son (and I’m assuming at least one cat, since it is in the video).

Debra shot a video of her home for Fair Companies and the video went viral on YouTube, generating over 1.1 million hits at last count.

When Debra posted on Living Large, she was concerned about the plethora of negative comments at YouTube.

I had written about this type of reaction from people early on Living Large.  I think what Debra and her family are experiencing is a combination of the phenomena of people feeling the need to judge other’s lifestyle and cyber bullying.


Ghosts of Father’s Day at Our Little House

My dad, Frank Fivecoat, with my brother, Steve


Sunday is Father’s Day, a day to celebrate our dads and thank them for being a part of our lives.

For the better part of my life, 30 years on July 21, Father’s Day has always been a constant reminder that my dad was no longer able to be a part of mine.


Reducing Stress to Live Large


Even when we’re Living Large, there are just some weeks that requires special stress reducers.

My week began on Monday morning with my work computer acting funny and then completely shutting down. For a mere $74.95, I could get the thing up and running again, or so a box kept popping up and telling me.

That was the first clue that I had finally, after 20 years of having computers, caught a virus. Thankfully, I didn’t fall for that scam and input my credit card infor. It’s actually a malware called the “Windows XP Restore” malware and it is a nasty one.



A cautionary note:  Make sure your computer’s anti-virus software has a firewall that covers malware.

Mine didn’t’.

I hope to be up and running again by Thursday.

Until then, please browse the archives and discover or rediscover some of your favorite posts on Living Large.

A Visit to The Belle Writer’s Studio

Outside of The Belle Writer's Studio

I had a request from someone new to Living Large to write more about the Belle Writer’s Studio, my 320 square foot-studio office that is about 10 yards away from Our Little House.

It’s named for my mother, Betty Belle, whom I credit for the creative side of my brain.

When we built Our Little House, we planned on building another larger house, about 1,000 square foot to be our primary residence, and Our Little House was going to be my writer’s studio.

Best laid plans.


Do Cell Phones Damage our Cells

Every other month, it seems, someone else is coming out with some new study with regards to cell phones and whether they may cause cancer.

This past week, The World Health Organization released a report saying it believes radio frequency electromagnetic fields may be a carcinogen and maybe lead to an increased incidence of glioma, a certain brain tumor. The organization placed it in the same classification of lead, DDT, engine exhaust, and chloroform.

Now it seems that everyone is talking or writing about the possible dangers of cell phones, even a Living Large community member, Sheryl Kraft, on her blog, Midlife Matters.

Some scientists even believe that electromagnetic pollution is one of the most threatening things in our environment.

I’ve been a long-time cell phone user. I still even have, somewhere in one of our storage buildings, my first bag phone. Prior to that, I had jobs that also required me to wear a pager.

I guess it is a good thing that although I’ve had pagers and cell phones for over 20 years, I really never talked on the cell phones much.

The reason lies in the same principle that makes me believe microwaves are not good for us: I listened to my body.