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The Perfect Sofa Table

Sofa Table

There wasn’t much to do on Saturday afternoon, it was a cold, rainy day and I felt like getting out of the house.

We went over to Harrison, Arkansas, ate at one of my favorite places, Neighbors Mill, and then headed over to Log Cabin Furniture where we bought our bed and my office furniture. While we don’t have room for anymore stuff, I still like to window shop. Last spring, we picked up one of my favorite and most functional pieces for The Little House, the sofa table shown above.


All Burned Up

Dale stacking woodI love heating with the woodstove, as I’ve noted before, it kept us warm and fed us hot meals during the 8-day power outage through the ice storm last year. Especially this year when our finances have been tight, I’ve been glad that our electricity or propane costs haven’t skyrocketed trying to heat our home.

All it has taken to keep our home warm this year is some sweat equity and it has proven to be a lot of work for these former suburbanites.


The One Coat I Wouldn’t Live Without

My CoatIn contrast to last week, this week has made us want for spring. I love these early thaws in January that helps break the winter up. On top of the 50-degree temperatures that’s taken our snow and allowed me to hang some laundry on the line, the days are slowly becoming longer.

I now walk home from the Belle Writer’s Studio with a sliver of light still slicing over the top of the mountains.

Last week was quite different. I dug my Carhartt coat out of the utility closet and even for the 100 yard walk from The Little House to the Belle Writer’s Studio, I was very glad to have it when it was 5 below.

The weather here renewed my love of my old barn coat and made me again glad I chose it among the several coats I had back in the city as the one to keep.

For 10 years, this coat has been one of my favorite pieces of winter wear. It might not be pretty, but it is functional. I found it at the local farm and home we frequented in Kansas City. We leased land a few miles from our suburban home and I had to go up to the barn twice a day, 365 days a year to feed and check on our horses.

Kansas City winters can be brutal and I needed a good, heavy coat to wear to the stables.


Keeping the Home Fires Burning

The view of our road

The view of our road

I could say that the weather has gone to the dogs around here. It has been rainy, nasty and cold, but that wouldn’t be a fair statement, because my dogs don’t even like it.

This month should be Indian Summer around here in the Ozarks. Instead, it has has been the 4th coldest on record and the 8th wettest.

For a brief moment yesterday, I thought the sun might pop out. I really think the dogs even noticed the change in light in The Belle Writer’s Studio, but it faded before even really gaining any momentum, and they did again as well.

We’re expecting a frost on Saturday morning and they’re calling for a hard freeze by Sunday morning. This isn’t supposed to be happening here, not in mid-October. We moved to the south, just far enough to have a change in seasons, but to also have a little longer warm season. We tolerate the humidity and bugs in the summer so we can have better weather for longer.

There was even the year we celebrated New Year’s Eve on the party deck – until Midnight – with just a jacket.


The Lights of My Life

Oil to Electric Converted Lamp

Oil to Electric Converted Lamp

I love decorating with lighting. I think choosing the lighting when we built The Little House was more fun than any other part of the building process.

When we picked the freestanding lamps for The Little House, of course, there was limited space, so we only put one larger freestanding lamp – one with a bear – and a smaller one with bears that I found at a log cabin expo.

Since The Little House was already completely furnished when we moved here full time, I could only choose one more lamp to place in the bedroom and I chose this unique oil-converted-to-electric lamp that belonged to my mom.

The lamp was one of her antique sale finds, the kind that would take my mom and dad and me to small rural towns surrounding the Kansas City area. On Sundays, my parents would get up early and scan the morning paper for sales and auctions and off we would go. More often than not, Mom would come up with some find to bring home and restore.