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The Potting Table at Our Little House



This one’s for you, Cal! Dale’s potting/utility table


Sorry for the absence, we have been busy at Our Little House getting taxes ready (yuck), working (would rather be playing, but having work is good), Dale’s been fighting a cold (double yuck) and we’ve been dealing with Abbi’s injury and Molly’s heart problem (triple yuck).

Perhaps it’s the distractions or tiring of the cold weather – I can’t call it Cabin Fever this year as it hasn’t been that cold – but it is winter and not spring or summer, but my mind hasn’t been too creative with regards to coming up with posts for Living Large.

I would rather give you substance rather than drivel, so I decided to take a couple of weeks off. I intended on replacing written posts this week with some photos I thought you would enjoy, but the week got away.

When a couple of people in our community contacted me this week to make sure we were still alive and kickin’ here at Our Little House, I realized I needed to get it in gear.

Thank you so much for your concern, I truly love you all!

This first photo is for Cal, especially, who wanted to see a photo of the potting/utility table Dale built from scrap pieces of pallet wood.

I’ll be back Tuesday with more photos, I promise!

What do you think of Dale’s first table?

Getting Hung at Our Little House

Life IS Good at Our Little House

I finally got in the mood to decorate my walls in Our Little House. I guess after living here full time for over three years, it’s about time.

Like I told a friend of mine, no one can ever accuse me of decorating on a whim!

I’m not comfortable with decorating anyway and I think one of the things that intimidated me about decorating such a small space was the fear of cluttering the walls and overwhelming the space.

I had three hangings I had put up when we built Our Little House, all cute things, albeit small, that went with the cabin feel theme.

We received a couple of things for my birthday and Christmas, so my problem moved from being afraid of buying things too big for the space, to where to hang them.

I also bought the “Life is Good” sign while in Branson for Dale’s birthday. It’s my motto and I thought a great thing to see everyday, just to remind us.


Hot Over the Air Unit Part Two

Last July, I wrote about the 1-room heating and air unit we installed in The Belle Writer’s Studio and the problems with it dripping water.

I finally solved that in August. Turns out the hose on the outside of the unit was clogged. I took it off, blew it out with Dale’s air compressor and we were back in business.

After having to get it charged earlier in the summer, I didn’t want to spend another $75 for a service call then and sure didn’t want to do it this winter either.

Just as the unit passed the two-year mark and ran out of warranty in December, the unit started making a very loud buzzing noise.


Small Holiday Decor with a Big Impact

Decorating a little house is a challenge anytime of the year, but the holidays present more challenges.

When we moved from our larger house in the city, I had boxes upon boxes of holiday decorations, including a large and a small tree, kitchen décor, bathroom décor and décor for the porches and exterior doors.

I now have to be very selective, putting out only a few small holiday decorations that can have a big impact to the room.


Drilling the Pipe at Our Little House

A couple of months ago I wrote that one of our upcoming projects was to clean the pipe for our woodburning stove.

When we sold our house in Kansas City, we found we had a flue fire at some point and didn’t even know it. The fire was still costly, as we had to pay the deductible to have our fireplace completely replaced.

The project kept getting put off this year as it really hasn’t been that cold and Dale’s hours at work have prevented us from doing much around the house.

The arrival of cold weather finally forced to use our new Soot Eater Rotary Chimney Cleaning System last weekend when Dale had some time off.

This is one of those cleaning systems that attaches to a drill, making it easier to clean the stovepipe from the bottom up.


The Catalogs Keep Coming

It’s that time of year again at Our Little House. I’m not talking about the time to have the wood burning stove checked or wrapping up the garden.

It’s that time of year when direct mail catalog companies start mailing out all of those fall catalog, hoping you will want to start planning all of those gifts you’re going to buy for the holidays.

They started arriving about a month ago.


Our Memory Book

Thanks to Steffi, our German exchange daughter and her family in Munich, we now have a new tradition at The Little House.

When we visited Steffi’s family three years ago to attend her wedding, we spent a couple of evenings at her mother’s flat.

After the meal and good conversation (some of which had to be translated for us), her mother, Barbara, brought out a little album.

Everyone was required to write a little something memorable about the evening. Barbara’s book was brimming with quips dating back years, all written for posterity. Some of the people, such as her parents, were no longer with them, but they had the album of memories. Steffi and Barbara told us that pulling out that album was like reliving a fun-filled get together all over again.


For Writing and Storage

Desk in house

People have asked me how to find furniture for such a small home. When we were building The Little House, we had planned on using it for weekends and vacations and eventually, a guesthouse. We needed something functional, but we wanted it to be cute as well.

We found two foutons that looked like they belonged in a cabin and fit our woodsy décor. We used one in the bedroom, where I was able to fold it up when not in use and use half the bedroom as an office. The one in the living room was eventually moved to The Belle Writer’s Studio and we took the one from the bedroom and placed it in the living room of The Little House so we could still sleep a guest there if need be.