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A New Season and a New Look

It’s not feeling like fall just yet at Our Little House, quite the opposite, but since we had snow in May and everything seems to be running late, we figure it should cool down by the end of the month.

The weather may not be telling me it’s time for fall décor, but the calendar is and that’s good enough for me.

I try to change a few things up at least a couple of times a year, I think it’s important in a little house, especially, as we don’t have a lot of latitude when it comes to decorating.

A couple of weeks ago, our old neighbors from the city came down for a quick visit, just to see our house, really, as they had never been.

I hadn’t gotten out the summer comforter I use as a bedspread and we had really just been using an old cheap bedspread my husband used in his first apartment in 1983.


Favorite Gadgets for a Small Home

I ran across a post on the Internet the other day listing “50 Small Things for a Small House.”

While the post was directed at young singles in the city, I think some of these things have value for small house owners as well.

Here are my favorites from the list:

  1. #4 on their list, the combo blender/food processor. I have one of these and it’s always good when you can save a little counter or cabinet space by combining your appliances.
  2. #6 on their list, the shelves disguised as books. Not sure how practical these are; small house lovers tend to be huge book fans and we have a lot of them. But these are cute.
  3. #10 on their list, the small, portable microwave. We don’t own one, but I know many people cannot live without them. This would be great in a small space.
  4. #11 on their list, the trolley mini kitchen, complete with stove top and mini fridge. This would be perfect in some tiny houses I’ve seen.
  5. #12 on their list, the kitchen bowl and spoons nesting set.

The list goes on with small dishwashers, a file hiding ottoman and even a bar-b-que grill that doubles as a planter when not in use.

The list also contains some tricks we small house dwellers already have up our sleeves, such as sofa sleepers, hideaway beds, cabinet mounted bottle openers, flat screen television mounts and shower caddies.

What is your favorite gadget on this list of 50?


Multipurpose Furniture for Small House Living

Some of our community on our Living Large Facebook page asked me to share some of my favorite multi-function furniture here on the blog.

I wrote about some of this furniture in posts back in 2010, but it is worth revisiting the subject, since making furniture multi-functional is very important in a small home.

First, here is some of our small space furniture that serves multi-functions in Our Little House:


Our Steamy Nights

There is nothing like the heat from a wood burning stove to completely warm the bones on a cold winter day.

There is also nothing like the dryness that permeates the air inside the home when heating with a wood stove.

When we built Our Little House, we were mainly using it during the summer as a lake house, but we often came down during Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations.

Knowing we would not be putting in central air, at least at first, we decided to choose a really good wood stove, just in case.

The mild Arkansas winters allowed us to keep our wood stove new for the first four years we did not live here full time.


Decorating a Small House for The Holidays

We typically put up our Christmas décor the Saturday following Thanksgiving. We did not make it this year. We spent too much time relaxing for the first three days of the holiday weekend.

When Sunday rolled around and it was 70 degrees that day, we decided it was the perfect time to run the gasoline out of the boat for the season. It was, but it was also more fun than cleaning before putting the decorations up.

As with anything in a little house, there is a trick to decorating for the holidays without it looking overdone or cluttered.


The Stuff that Makes our Family History

Oil to Electric Converted Lamp


When I wrote the post, “The Stages of Eliminating Stuff,” I wrote about letting go of the sentimentality of some of the stuff we had, which was my mother’s. She and my father used to antique quite a bit and I had some very large pieces.

Obviously, we don’t have room for a lot of big furniture. I knew what she loved most and I loved most of the same pieces and resolved to find a use and space for them.

One of our Living Large community, Martin, made some good points in a comment: “I have antiques from Great Aunts/Grandparents/parents who worked hard to buy them–they came (from) Ireland with noth­ing and from what you are work­ing to go to as a life style. I would find it is dis­re­spect­ful to dump these things-they are more than sentiment–they are fam­ily his­tory. With that said-there are so many other things I real­ize I can and will part with, but not the fam­ily history!!”

His comment first made me doubt whether I should be eliminating any of these things from our lives and also wonder if there are different sets of rules for items considered to be family history, rather than just stuff, or even stuff with sentimentality attached.


A New e-Reader


Last summer, I finally broke down and got an e-reader, my Kindle.

I’m the type that loves books and the feel of them, but getting an e-reader seemed the perfect choice for someone who loves to read, who doesn’t have easy access to a good library and who has limited space.

I surprised myself and found I love my Kindle.

I chose the Kindle 3G because it was relatively inexpensive. I didn’t think I needed color as I really wasn’t thinking of getting my magazine subscriptions on it and I really didn’t need anything with email.

How a year has changed my mind.


Shopping for a new Cooling Unit

I posted on our Living Large Facebook page yesterday that we were looking into buying a new air conditioning unit for Our Little House.

One of our community there wrote: “You don’t need air!”

She thought we are in Canada.

Nope. We do need air to survive these dreadfully hot and humid southern summers.

It’s hard to believe it is March 20 and we’re already thinking about air conditioning. There’s been a couple of days when I’ve thought about turning it on.