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An Ode to the Bathtub in a Tiny House

I had a horrible day last Thursday. It was actually the crescendo to a stressful week full of storms that included tornado warnings and other life stressors. Our dog, Sweet Sade Sue, became seriously weak, falling over like she was drunk. We rushed her to the vet to learn that she was bleeding internally from the spleen and needed emergency surgery.


Gray Stove: A Company with a Good Wood Stove for Tiny Homes

We had a lovely Indian Summer weekend and it was made even more special because my good friend, a woman I call my soul sister, came and visited. Kathy and her husband came down Memorial Day weekend to help us kick off our summer of fun and it was great to have her back for probably one of the last truly warm weekends of the year.

It’s the end of October and soon we will be firing up our woodstove.

A company called Gray Stove was recently brought to my attention. They are a veteran owned company and make stoves custom to order, which includes little stoves for tiny homes.

When we built Our Little House, this stove wasn’t around, but if it had been, I would have definitely checked it out.

We try, when we can, to support American made and that this company is owned by talented veterans who have found a niche for their craft is great.

Check out their story here and if you’re in the market for a woodstove for a new tiny or a home you already own, check out their website.

Signs, Everywhere a Sign, Even in a Tiny House

Photo from Mother Earth News

On a recent episode of the show, Tiny House Nation, the designers had a sign inscribed with the owner’s life motto. When I saw the episode, I realized just how many signs we have in Our Little House and in The Belle Writer’s Studio.

Signs in the studio such as, “What happens in the cabin, stays in the cabin,” “Welcome to the woods” (with a picture of an outhouse hung in the bathroom) and a sign that points in the direction of the lake.


We’re Hot for our Regency Wood Stove

We’re having our hottest weather of the summer right now, so it is very counterintuitive of me to write about wood stoves.

But the reality is that it will not stay hot or even warm for very much longer and we’re starting to think about where we will source our wood and also getting the stove pipe cleaned out for the upcoming season.

Heating with a wood stove is a lot more work than turning on the thermostat, but it provides that deep warmth only a fire can provide and also saves us money on our electric bill during the winter months.

I was reading the Little Yellow Door blog and Ella’s post about her tiny wood stove. Her Kimberly wood stove is beautiful and quite perfect for a tiny house, but as she points out, it is quite expensive.

I have to put a word in for Regency. We purchased ours F1100 in 2003 and it is very small.


Equipment we Need in the Country

It’s almost time to get the winter wood stocked


When we moved to Our Little House, we were very much city folks. In the city, we had services such as trash pick-up, city snow plow services.

If we needed something, we made a trip to the store and made it back in 15 minutes.

We’ve learned a lot about country life since we moved 50 minutes from the nearest large town (in addition to making cappuccinos and iced coffee at home!)

Out here, it’s just us. When there was a major ice storm that stranded us for 5 days and left us without power for 10, there was no one coming down our road to put salt and sand on it and we relied on each other out here to make sure we all had what we needed.

I’ve made a list of some of the equipment we’ve found we’ve needed out here in the country. If you’re thinking of buying or building your little house outside of town, these are some items you might want to consider:


Comfy Chair Transforms Small Space

The Belle Writer's Studio Before. The chair is now in the far left corner where the futon was.


One of the things we did right in designing The Belle Writer’s Studio is making sure I had enough room for both office space and sitting space, in case I wanted to relax while reading for research or even work from my laptop in a more comfortable chair.

Until now, we only had the futon in the studio. I’ve felt for a long time that it was missing a nice, comfy chair, but I hadn’t found one that wasn’t both small and comfortable.

That was, until a couple of years ago when we visited the lake home of a friend of ours in Kansas.

They had a smaller brown chair that as vinyl, was functional for a lake style home (it just needs to be wiped down and if someone sits on it while wet, it really doesn’t hurt anything) and didn’t overpower their small space.

I fell in love with the chair at first sit, but they couldn’t remember where they had gotten it.


Tips for Holiday Decorating a Small House

The Belle Writer's Studio; I'm adding some garland and red ribbon this year


I have friends who love the holidays but don’t decorate their homes because they say their houses are too small and there isn’t enough room.

If we can decorate for the holidays in 480-square feet, then you can too. The trick is not making it look overdone or cluttered.

Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years:


Candles Help Scent a Small Home

The other day, I wrote about making small changes in a small house that make things seem a little different.

In addition to changing bedspreads, throw rugs and maybe the shower curtain, I also look forward to the changing seasons with new candle scents.

My love of candles goes back to my childhood. I always knew when we were having company as my mom would have the house nice and clean when I came home from school and there would be at least a couple of candles burning.

Although my dad couldn’t stand the strong smell of candles in a store, my mom and I used to love a store in the mall called Wicks ‘n Sticks (a quick search shows the 36 year old company went bankrupt in 2006).

These days, my candle of choice is Yankee Candles. They burn clean and smell oh, so good.