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Like Groundwells, Hope Springs Eternal

My easy going guy with our dog, Molly Financially, this year feels like it did when we had the water well dug. For what seemed like forever, there were no crystal clear waters; just mud bubbling everywhere. The harder they tried to find water and the further they dug, the browner the guck that spewed. For days, the brightest color flowing was the green leaving our hands.

In these times, especially, I just thank goodness I have the quiet, peaceful repose of the Little House to settle into at night. Our story for the past year is really no different from millions of Americans, and a lot better than many.Although we did the math before making our move, some things just cannot be predicted: An unprecedented cost of living increase; a layoff from a fairly good paying job in one of the hardest hit industries; loss of health insurance; and yes, water wells much deeper than expected. (more…)

Remote Love

We’ve never really fought over the remote. When we were younger, we had similar tastes in movies and television.
Besides, we were so busy building our lives; we rarely sat in front of the television anyway.
As we grew older though, our tastes did drift apart. Somewhere along the line, Dale developed a love for (more…)