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The Wanderer

Dakota at windowIt was a beautiful weekend in the Ozark Mountains again, and we took advantage of the warm Indian Summer weather to be outside a little.

Dakota is our little black Dacshund and Beagle Mix.

She is also our little wanderer, if we don’t keep close tabs on her, she will be gone in a flash.


Over or Under?

Toilet Paper Holder 3There are a lot of things to consider when moving to a little house. How much stuff can you live without, can you stand being that close to your significant other or family all of the time, can you learn to share the remote, and of course, can you live with just one bathroom.

At our house in the city, we had our own bathrooms. The main bathroom upstairs was mine; the smaller bathroom downstairs was my hubby’s.

I know he is bothered by the eternal question: Should the roll go over or under? He has his definite thoughts on the subject, although for the life of me, I can’t remember which he prefers, and you know why?

Because my brain just doesn’t care.


A Big Box

Our Big Box

Our Big Box

Out in the sticks, a Big Box means something other than a great big store. We have bigger boxes than I had even imagined existed – and it’s our mailboxes. The Internet might be putting the U.S. Postal system out of business, but for those of us here in rural areas, the mail is still an anticipated event each day.

News that the post office might stop delivering six days a week and cut out Saturday delivery means that we are isolated from the outside world one more day. When we used The Little House as a weekend getaway, we didn’t need a huge, rural mailbox, as all we ever received here was the weekly Shopper. After we moved here full time over two years ago, we quickly found out that unless we wanted to make multiple wasted trips into town, we needed a Big Box.


My Free Day

The Belle Writers Studio the Best Place I've Ever Worked

The Belle Writers Studio the Best Place I've Ever Worked

Saturday, October 31 was my Free Day.

I think it’s fitting it’s on one of my favorite holidays. There’s been times when being on my own is a little scary, but mostly it’s a treat.

Eleven years ago, I walked away from a good, guaranteed salary, about 50 days off per year, a great healthcare plan, a 401K, and the financial ability to stop at a travel agent on a whim and walk out with tickets to anywhere for the weekend.
I also walked away from a 40 minute commute, gray pod walls that surrounded my gray desk, an online time clock that would drive anyone mad, an environment that told me when I could eat, what I could have at my desk to drink, what I could use to decorate my pod walls, the pressure of making quotas, a job that was turning the creative side of my brain to mush, a night guard I wore every night because I was grinding my teeth so hard I would literally break them off in my sleep (I lost 2), and a prescription for anxiety and depression.
Yes, I walked away from a lot of material things, but I also walked into a world that’s afforded me experiences I never could have imagined otherwise.


The Season Begins

Halloween TreeFirst, a drumroll…..

The winners for the magazine drawing are: Kathy, who won a subscription to Mother Earth News and Kim, who won a subscription to Country Living! Please contact me with your contact info. Thanks to everyone who participated by visiting me at The Little House Blog and commenting on the posts.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming…

Holidays wouldn’t be holidays without the food that goes along with them, and at our house, Halloween isn’t left out.


The Little Things in Life

Me and my mom could turn a small outing into a memorable time together

Me and my mom could turn a small outing into a memorable time together

I have several books of quotes, a must have for any writer’s office, and several mornings a week, I open it just to see if I can find a new and inspirational one.

I think the one I found yesterday is appropriate for the Living Large Blog.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” -Robert Brault

Isn’t that so true? How many times do we dismiss the little things in our life, not thinking they will matter much in the end, when in reality, it may be something that will stick with us for the rest of our lives?

I’m reminded of one of the many times my mother and I were driving home from an ordinary trip to the grocery store. It was a beautiful spring day and the car in front of us had a message waxed onto its’ back window: “Seniors, we’re outta here!” (more…)

A Friendly Face on the Road

Sunset behind The Little House yesterday

Sunset behind The Little House yesterday

There’s a feeling I get on Sunday evenings. It’s a sort of lonely feeling that occurs after I realize that we’re just hours away from a set routine again.

When the alarm goes off on Monday morning, my husband will be gone for most of the waking hours of the week and I’ll be here working and keeping the home fires burning (literally, if it is cold outside) with just the dogs for company.

Yesterday evening felt particularly lonely as we also had to say goodbye to our good friends and neighbors down the road. They’ve become our second family down here.

They still live in Kansas City full time and usually commute down here every other week. However, they have a full family social calendar this fall and will not be back until sometime in December.

We had a really good time meeting their son and daughter-in-law this past weekend and sharing a meal with them on Saturday night. Their home overlooks the lake and provides spectacular views at sunset.

Late yesterday afternoon, Dale and I took the dogs for an off leash romp toward their end of the road, where vacant vacation homes stand overlooking the vast blue waters of Bull Shoals Lake, and met our friends as they were pulling out of their drive. Theirs is the last occupied house at that end and once we pass their driveway, it is very secluded.