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Playtime was Last Weekend, Work is this Weekend

As I write this, we are expecting our first freeze of the season, which means my beautiful summer annuals will be no more and it is time to get serious about getting ready for the cold.

I took the dogs out yesterday morning and could already smell the familiar scent of the woodburning stove my aunt got going at her house down the road.

We haven’t had to do that just yet. We typically use a small electric oil space heater until the temps refuse to come back up. The stove just really is too much for Our Little House when it isn’t staying below 40 degrees.


The Space we Want and the Space we Need.

The suites at the Hilton are much bigger than Our Little House

October weekends are typically busy here at Our Little House.

I have the get together with my good friends from school and Dale and I usually like to take off for a weekend as we know winter will be setting in shortly.

We also like to get to one of the larger cities to get in anything we need that we cannot purchase online or get in our small town.

This past weekend, we drove up to Branson for a 2-hour trip on the scenic railway. I had long wanted to take the scenic train ride and we thought fall to be the perfect time of year.

Although my dad worked for the Santa Fe, I hadn’t been on a train since I was 18 months old and my family headed west to California for a trip.


Living Large tip of the Week: Enlist Friends and Family on the Repurpose Hunts

So, you’ve decided to get into the Three R’s, Reduce, Reuse/Repurpose and Recycle.

You need a new “X” and you start looking for it at garage sales, second hand shops and Craig’s List.

If you live in a rural area, as we do, it may be harder to find whatever you’re looking for.

I previously posted about our quest to find some good old Made in the U.S.A. copper bottomed Revere Ware.


Turkey Drop, er Plummet

I just returned from a weekend with two of my friends from high school. We caught up with each other two years ago, decided to get together for our first slumber party at Campbell Town and have since made it an annual event.

This year, we returned to our native Kansas City, where Lora still lives. We had a fantabulous time; it’s always good to see old friends.

While I was gone, I was largely unaware that a huge international controversy was brewing right in the backyard of my adopted home.


Living Large Tip of the Week: Ditch the Bleach

I had always used bleach in the laundry before moving to Our Little House.

When we moved here and I became more aware of the effects of harmful chemicals, I learned that bleach is particularly harmful to the environment.

We’re on a septic, which means all of our water and waste goes into a tank, where bacteria helps break down the solid waste. Bleach is not only bad when it is leeched into the ground from the tank; it also kills the bacteria, which can lead to septic system failures.

According to the EPA, there are also many adverse health effects to bleach.

I’ve used several things to replace bleaching our whites, including lemon juice, peroxide (not at the same time) and Seventh Generation Bleach. Last week, I used a ½ cup of vinegar when washing some particularly smelly dog beds.

The results were awesome. They came out fresh and clean.

One of the best alternatives to bleach is also sunshine, which freshens and naturally whitens clothes.

Do you use a bleach alternative, if so, what do you use?

The Witching Season at Our Little House

One of my favorite holidays to decorate for has always been Halloween.

It goes back to my childhood, as I knew then that Christmas and my birthday were just a couple short months away.

We always had such cool decorations, too. Little wax figures and pumpkins. They cost .10 cents then at the Dime Store, but are worth a fortune to collectors now.

Since we’ve moved from the city, we don’t have trick or treaters and we don’t have any little kids, but I still enjoy getting out my Halloween décor.


Projects that just had to get Done

You know how when a project or two is haunting you and it drives you crazy until you can get it complete?

This was how it was for both of us at Our Little House this past weekend.

Dale has been waiting since spring for the perfect weekend to stain the Party Deck. We had an unusually cool and wet spring followed by an ungodly hot summer. We had perfect weather this past weekend and time is running out before it gets cold again.

I had been waiting for time, mostly, to organize my office once again. I wrote previously about finding the perfect little mailbox to put on The Belle Writer’s Studio, so mail wouldn’t be overflowing on the table at the house.