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The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Alexandra! You have won the compostable toothbrush from World Centric! Congratulations! Please get in touch with me at with your snail mail address!

I have another nature post this Tuesday, one you will either love or hate.

Dale came home from work the other day and said, “I got to see a tarantula this morning on the way to work.”

Before we built Our Little House, we had never seen a tarantula outside of a pet store and really didn’t know they were here in Arkansas.

When we were building, we drove up to the construction project and saw something on the side of the foundation. “Is that mud?” I asked and as we got closer, I could see it was a huge, hairy spider.


Partying Down in the Bathroom at our Little House



Ok, how many of you are still with us in this quest to get organized?

I admit, I’m behind, but that’s ok. I was sick last weekend and I’m prepping for a writer’s conference this coming week.

At least I have the roadmap to finish when I get back.

We’re moving on to the bathroom this week anyway. Stay with me. I’m announcing another giveaway at the end of this post.


Nature Abounds at Our Little House

One of the things I love about country life is nature.

Last week, I needed an afternoon pick me up and looked out the window to see a family of turkeys, a mother and seven young ones milling about the driveway.

It was better than a vanilla iced coffee. It just made me so happy!


Party in the Bedroom

My cookie sheet cabinet is once again in organized order

Theresa: I’m still waiting for you to email me your snail mail address for the book you won last week. Please do it by Friday, or I will have to choose another winner!

Ok, it is organization party time once again!

How did everyone do on their kitchens?

I didn’t get as far as I would have liked last weekend. It was a bigger job than anticipated, but I expect to finish up this weekend.

I did get my cookie sheet cabinet organized again and the cabinet above it. That cabinet was stuffed with old dog medicines and expired canned jellies.

Thanks to the organization, I now have room to store my baking ingredients, coffee cups so they are not in danger of falling out in the other cabinet and the dog medicines are all neatly organized and up to date.

Once I get into the medicine cabinet again, I will probably make a shelf for the dog medicines, freeing up even more space in the kitchen.

Still to do this weekend is arranging the drawers, pots and pans and going through the food pantry and using up anything not already expired.


Digging for Information on Water

We keep the water dish full for the dogs, but try to conserve in other areas


The winner of the book, “The Organized Kitchen,” by Brette Sember is (drum roll….) Theresa! Please email me at with your snail mail address. We’ll have more fun at our virtual organizing party this Thursday! Please check out Brette’s fabulous blog Putting it all on the Table.


As our extreme drought here enters the 4th month, Dale and I began wondering about the health of our well.

We didn’t have any indications it might be running low, but we wondered what would happen if we continued on this no rain path.

We had been used to conserving water when we first moved to Our Little House. Before we had our well dug, we had a large holding tank and had to have water trucked in.

While it wasn’t optimal, even when we just used Our Little House for weekends and holidays, it was what we could afford when we built.

After we moved here in 2007, we had the well dug and the company had to go much deeper than anyone anticipated.

Would it hold during an extreme drought?


Virtual Organizing Party in the Kitchen

Put on your party hats and toot that party horn, our virtual organization party is on!

As promised, I’m starting organizing in the kitchen of Our Little House and there is a cool giveaway, so keep reading.

It can seem a little overwhelming, even in a small kitchen, when looking at all of the cabinets and trying to decide how to best organize.

For the kitchen, I have four goals:


Authors Need to Eat, Too

"Gone Girl," by Gillian Flynn

Like many people in our Living Large community, I enjoy nothing better than a good book.

Today, that typically means a good book on my Kindle Fire, which I love, BTW.

It was my turn to choose a book for my book club and having read the reviews for “Gone Girl,” a new novel by Gillian Flynn, I went against the grain of our typical book club fare and announced it for my pick.

It goes against the grain of our typical book club read because it is a new release and those are hard to come by at the library around here.

Although contemporary and a good read, which has already been optioned into a movie by 20th Century Fox to be produced by Reese Witherspoon, some of the ladies in my book club still showed resistance.

“Are you sure we’re going to be able to find this?” One woman asked during our meeting last week.


A Virtual Organizing Party

The cookie sheet cabinet will be one of the first places to tackle

My house needs a good, thorough organizing.

I knew it before, but after seeing Sue Smith Moak’s photos (Sue writes the Rockinrsranch blog),  that she shared on our Living Large Facebook page yesterday, which showed how neatly even her closets are organized, I hung my head in shame.

A couple of weeks ago, Dale and I found some see-thru plastic containers with a good seal at one of the Big Box hardware stores and we purchased six of them so I could begin organizing the basement of The Belle Writer’s Studio.

I store some canned goods, as well as other things I use in the kitchen that will not fit into the house there and it is a disaster. Most of the stuff lives in cardboard boxes that were moved here from the city and I end up having to go through these boxes looking for what I need. Other items are moldy and need to be tossed (this happened before we put in our dehumidifier down there).

I still haven’t gotten down there yet. While it isn’t as hot down there, it is still pretty toasty with no air in the basement and I’m going to wait to tackle that and the large storage building when it cools off.

Now, back to the house. I know for many, you will need to get kids back into school within the next month. It is also too hot in much of the country to do much else outside, so this is the perfect time of the year for an organizing party.