Dear Litter Bug

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Dear Litterbugs,

Do you really believe that toss­ing your trash out of your car win­dow into the brush of our coun­try road hides it?

It might be out of sight and out of mind for you, but it isn’t for us.

Sometimes it isn’t hard to find at all, like the bal­loons you release in town that land in the mid­dle of the road. Unless, of course, a bird or other wildlife finds it first and either chokes because it tried to eat it or gets itself tan­gled in the col­or­ful strings. Believe me when I say when you release these in memo­riam of some­one, they don’t end up in heaven, but they do help spoil par­adise when they return to earth.

Did you know helium bal­loons can even cause house fires? There was one in Lodi, Calif. not too long ago.

And what about you, the incon­sid­er­ate smoker who tosses out butts onto the ground: Have you never seen the heart­break­ing pho­tos of wild­fires? We would just as soon not lose Our Little House, our lives or that of our ani­mals because of your negligence.

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Living Large — the Book

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I'm cel­e­brat­ing the 5 year anniver­sary of the Living Large blog with an announcement!

The book based on our expe­ri­ences down­siz­ing to a small house, along with tips from me and other Living Largers is one step closer to reality.

My agent and I have agreed on a work­ing title, Living Large in our Little House: Thriving in 480-Square Feet with Six Dogs, a Husband and One Remote and How you Can, too.

The book will tell the story of how we came to live in Our Little House, but will also have never-before pub­lished sto­ries about our down­siz­ing, as well as sto­ries of oth­ers who have done the same.

It will be about Living Large by actual Living Largers!

The book will also give tips on how to com­plete your own Living Large dream!

How many of you would like to read this book and what tips would you like to see in it?  

Equipment we Need in the Country

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It's almost time to get the win­ter wood stocked


When we moved to Our Little House, we were very much city folks. In the city, we had ser­vices such as trash pick-up, city snow plow services.

If we needed some­thing, we made a trip to the store and made it back in 15 minutes.

We’ve learned a lot about coun­try life since we moved 50 min­utes from the near­est large town (in addi­tion to mak­ing cap­puc­ci­nos and iced cof­fee at home!)

Out here, it’s just us. When there was a major ice storm that stranded us for 5 days and left us with­out power for 10, there was no one com­ing down our road to put salt and sand on it and we relied on each other out here to make sure we all had what we needed.

I’ve made a list of some of the equip­ment we’ve found we’ve needed out here in the coun­try. If you’re think­ing of buy­ing or build­ing your lit­tle house out­side of town, these are some items you might want to consider:

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Funny Farm at Our Little House

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At the begin­ning of our Summer of Fun, we pur­chased an ATV. Yes, I wanted one to ride on nice evenings, which helps me relieve stress, but it has prac­ti­cal pur­poses too (more on another post about equip­ment one might need in the country).

For one, I use it to go up and get our mail. The dig­i­tal mir­a­cle of direct deposit isn’t always offered self-employed con­trac­tors and I do some­times receive paper checks. There are also days I am wait­ing for other pack­ages and such.

Our mail­box is two miles up the road and Dale typ­i­cally doesn’t make it home before busi­nesses close that I might need to con­tact, espe­cially on the east coast.

Truly, I’ve always loved motor­ized recre­ational vehi­cles. My older cousin, Mark, who was always stay­ing with his dad, my uncle and my Aunt Kathy, dur­ing the sum­mers we vis­ited them in  rural Kentucky, always had a dirt bike or go-kart to ride.

My aunt, who now lives down the road from us, still tells the story of the time when I was about 10 and got on the go-kart and began riding.

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