A Respite From the Heat

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It has been unusu­ally cool at Our Little House this week, but we’ve been enjoy­ing the fall-like tem­per­a­tures, which have allowed us to open the win­dows and be out­side more.

I’m still strug­gling with con­tainer gar­den­ing. I expanded it a lot last year with no more suc­cess than I had with just a few pots. This year, I only have one larger tomato and one cherry tomato plant.

I also grew cilantro earlier.

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Living Large Veggie Enchiladas

I typ­i­cally don’t cook a lot of heavy foods in the sum­mer, but my sis­ter in law brought us some of our favorite corn tor­tillas made locally in Kansas City when she vis­ited last week­end and Dale is get­ting tired of vari­a­tions on sal­ads, so I decided to try some veg­etable enchiladas.

When we were in Kansas City for our last visit, we made a cou­ple of stops at one of our favorite Mexican restau­rants, Panzones, and I was delighted they had added a whole sec­tion on their menu for vegetarians.

I had the veg­etable flau­tas, which were yummy. I yearned for that same taste and it got close when a new Mexican restau­rant opened here. They didn’t have veg­etable flau­tas, but their veg­gie enchi­ladas are almost the same (and maybe even health­ier since they are not fried).

Mexican food is an area where I say I’m 90% vegan. It’s of course, all about the cheese. When I eat out, I can­not con­trol what they put on it, which is a great thing about eat­ing at home. I do eat dairy cheese on the Mexican food I cook (the “fake” stuff is really bad), but not nearly as much as I used to.

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Building a Small House Starts With Planning

Zack Griffin Tiny House


We watched the pre­mier of Tiny House Nation on the FYI chan­nel the other night (FYI was for­merly the Bio channel).

The show focused on help­ing a young mar­ried cou­ple with a tod­dler build a tiny house.

When the crew arrived, which included tiny house builder Zack Griffin, the couple’s local builder in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee told them he didn’t have any expe­ri­ence with build­ing such a small space.

With a bud­get of $30,000, the team got to work, designed the inside and by the end of the show, the cou­ple had a com­fort­able, beau­ti­fully designed tiny house.

One has to won­der, though, what would have hap­pened if the show did not bring a design team in since the cou­ple and their builder seemed a bit puz­zled over how to fit every­thing the cou­ple needed – includ­ing where to split the rooms – in the space that was already framed in.

It didn’t seem like the design of the inte­rior was thought out by the cou­ple or builder at all.

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The Seven Year Itch

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Our for­mer house in the city

I had to laugh when I read a post by The Minnesota Farm Woman a week ago enti­tled, “The Seven Year Itch.”

I’ve fol­lowed Chris (the farm woman) and her adven­tures of mov­ing to rural Minnesota for a while and we’ve even become friends on Facebook. I think it’s serendip­i­tous that we both embarked on our jour­neys at the same time.

I had been plan­ning this post for this month and had the same title attached to it, so I hope Chris doesn’t mind if I still use it. Great minds do think alike!

It was 7 years ago yes­ter­day, June 23, that we loaded up a mov­ing truck, trailer, my Blazer and our pick up and headed south for our new lives in rural Arkansas.

We put in stor­age things I thought would later be moved to a 1,000 square foot house we planned to build here, loaded the three dogs (we arrived with four, Sade found her way to us) and two cats and were on our way to our Big Adventure.

And what an adven­ture it has been!

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