Living Large Takes a Rebel Heart

Maia aboard her family's sail­boat. Photo by Diane Selkirk


Thanks to all of you who have been patiently wait­ing and watch­ing for more posts here at Living Large.

I didn’t intend on tak­ing such a long break, but my favorite say­ing since mov­ing to Our Little House has been, “Life is some­thing that hap­pens while you’re busy mak­ing other plans.”

It was a long, cold win­ter here, as it was in much of the coun­try. It was the rough­est win­ter we’ve had since we moved here.

I’ll be post­ing more about that on Friday.

In the mean­time, I’ve watched with inter­est (and some­times shock) to the reac­tions to the story of Charlotte and Eric Kaufman, the sail­ing fam­ily that last week had to be res­cued from their founder­ing sail­boat, the Rebel Heart.

(If you haven’t heard the story, catch up here)

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A Rough Start to the New Year Makes Goal Setting a Bit Late

We need to organize


When I left my office On December 20 for the hol­i­days, I planned on tak­ing no more than a cou­ple of weeks off, return­ing on January 2, but the best laid plans.

It’s been a rough win­ter at Our Little House so far. We’ve had weather, lots of weather, with snow and ice and bru­tal cold.

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Grow More with Less Book Giveaway

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In the win­ter, most of us can­not gar­den, but we can read about gar­den­ing and that’s almost as good!

Today, Vincent Simeone, author of Grow More With Less gives Living Largers some tips on build­ing a sus­tain­able garden.

Simeone says that sus­tain­able gar­den­ing doesn’t have to lead to a mas­sive gar­den over­haul. In his book, he makes sus­tain­able gar­den­ing acces­si­ble to all. His the­ory is you should, “make your gar­den work for you. Make it give more than it takes.”

He sug­gests cre­at­ing big projects mixed with plenty of smaller projects that give big rewards.

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Russian Tea is a Taste of the Past


Russian Tea


"Winter must be cold for those with no warm mem­o­ries." ~From the movie An Affair to Remember


I was sit­ting in Our Little House this week­end enjoy­ing the warmth of the wood stove and look­ing out onto the 10.5 inches of snow when a crav­ing from a long time past hit me.

Russian Tea. There was noth­ing that would make me hap­pier than a nice, hot cup of Russian Tea.

I don’t remem­ber if my mother received a jar as a gift or if she got the recipe, as she did so many ideas then from Country Living Magazine, but I do remem­ber it was Christmas 1979 when I believe she first started mak­ing it.

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