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Taco Tip

Mondays on Living Large in Our Little House will generally be for tips in living in a small space. Heather suggested the other day that I publish my husband’s family taco sauce recipe. We usually use store bought canned tomatoes, but I will be making several batches from fresh tomatoes in the coming month to can. Since living smaller usually means living simpler and more frugally, making your own sauce falls into the category of a small living tip.


The Cookie Sheet Cabinet

When we recently visited some of our friends in Kansas City, they proudly showed off their newly remodeled kitchen. One of the first things she pointed out was her cookie sheet cabinet.

I took a new appreciation for the fact that I was at least smart enough to install one of these in Our Little House.

I don’t care how you plan, there’s always something you forget in a construction project. Our friends down the road even forgot to design a linen closet into their home although he is a builder and they’ve flipped several houses in their lives.


To Enjoy Good Food, Good Conversation

Dale likes this table much better. Photo by Kevin Pieper

I love the tiny kitchen table we have in The Little House, but that wasn’t always the case. Scrounging for a small kitchen table was my first foray into second-hand shops when we built The Little House.

I found the perfect kitchen table that was well, less than perfect. It was one of those early 90s models with the fake wood glued on (although the fake wood was peeling off) and it caught my eye because it had two matching chairs with the fake wood bottoms and green backs.

My mom went with me to the thrift store and we didn’t think it was a bad purchase, but Dale hated the set, even when I bought a dark green tablecloth to cover its’ imperfections.


Restaraunt Quality Food at Home

CrockpotS.A.B.L.E-Please contact me this weekend with your address or I will have to draw another winner for the Sanyo batteries and charger!


There hasn’t been a whole lot to do around The Little House since winter socked it to us in the form of a 12-inch snowstorm last week. Although the weather was a bit warmer and some of the snow melted off, another storm hit us yesterday which is taking the form between rain, freezing rain and they say, snow later this afternoon.

This is where working (writing), reading, gathering stuff for taxes and cooking comes in.

Last Saturday, on the second day of being snowed in, we watched a couple of favorite movies from our collection, which brought up the topic of our old lives in the city. We decided if we were still there on a cold wintry day, we would probably would have been sitting at our favorite Mexican restaurant with our friends and neighbors who lived across the street from us, enjoying a pitcher of beer or margaritas.