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Cooking for Sunday Funday at Our Little House

Sunday afternoons around Our Little House are all about the food, baby. When we lived in the city, you could usually find us on Sunday evening gorging at our favorite local Mexican diner.

Since moving to Our Little House, we use Sunday as a day of R&R. We don’t like to go anywhere because Dale has to drive every other day of the week and driving into town even gets exhausting for him.

So, in the winter, we cook up some comfort food.

In the summer, after a typical Sunday morning of boating, it’s all about the grill.

It’s been two years now (I do not know where the time goes) since I went on a mainly plant based (vegan) diet.


Buy a Locally Farmed Free Roaming Turkey and it Benefits us All

When a friend posted on Facebook the other day about the recent controversy in New Jersey over gestation crates for pigs and her horror over the reality of factory farming, I thought, “How in the world can anyone not know about this?”

The post was a result of Jon Stewart’s reaction to NJ Gov. Chris Christie refusing to sign a bill passed by the state’s legislature to ban the diminutive crates, which keeps breeding pigs from being able to even turn around for most of their lives.

But then I remembered I didn’t always know these things. Like most Americans, I was happy pretending my meat originated in that plastic wrapped Styrofoam platter at the grocery store.

The fact is that unless you’re buying your meat – any of it – from local farmers who keep their animals on free range, you’re likely buying factory farmed meat.