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Continually Chasing Dreams

This house definitely fits into my fantasy home. Photo Remax Larson Group Kansas City


Every once in a while, I will find myself dreaming of a small 1920’s-ish cottage or Tudor in an older section of our hometown.

A house with arched doorways and where my antiques would look as if they belonged and a kitchen with a built in pantry. I also decorate the kitchen in period décor, complete with modern reproduction appliances.

There are rose bushes and an arbor in the backyard with a detached garage and plenty of bushes for privacy. It’s the burbs, but we’re also close enough to a little shopping district to walk to the local coffee shop and bookstore.

Am I crazy? We’re supposed to be living our dream.

I’m not the only one with a continual yearning.


The Top Ten Signs of Spring

At the time I’m writing this post at Our Little House, it is cold and blustery and not at all like spring, I’m also unusually tired from the start of Daylight Savings.

So I thought I would have some fun with a post today and hopefully, give us all something to look forward to in The Top 10 Signs Spring is Near:


Cooler Corn Going Around on Social Media Not All It’s Popped Up to Be

Cooler Corn photo from Facebook


We all know how quickly things can spread on social media. Yesterday on Facebook, I saw a couple of posts labeled “Cooler Corn” and friends saying they could hardly wait for corn season so they could try this.

The premise is that if you’re cooking a lot of ears of corn for a crowd, you can clean a regular cooler, place ears of corn in the cooler and dump boiling hot water over the corn, close the lid and allow them to cook.

The method is said to be an old method used by campers.

That well may be, but when I read it, I knew there was something that didn’t quite smell right about this method of cooking.


Aspartame in Milk

For the past week or so, I’ve been seeing posts on Facebook about the proposal to put aspartame in milk and other dairy products without labeling.

Aspartame, as you may know, is an artificial sweetener commonly used in Nutrasweet and Equal in the United States.

In the 1980s, when we first learned that many milk and dairy products contained growth hormones, my mother and I called the locally owned dairy where our milk originated, and they assured us their cows were not taking hormones.

Whew. But when that dairy sold to another corporation, we could no longer trust that and we started buying organic milk.

It wasn’t until many years later, when I started reading labels more frequently, that we realized that milk also contains sugar.

Now the powerful dairy lobby is petitioning the Food and Drug Administration to allow them to put artificial sweeteners in milk and dairy products and not tell the public.


Sunday Meals at Our Little House

Sundays are special dinner nights around Our Little House, another throwback from my childhood. Since my father worked two jobs throughout most of my childhood, it was the rare day when we all got to sit down to a real (and not the boxed or frozen) home cooked meal together.

Dale works long hours and though he is home throughout the week on most nights for dinner, we don’t have time to really take pleasure in the cooking together.

On Sunday, we typically split the dinner cooking. He usually does something on the grill, and I cook veggies, rice or potatoes. Or, when the weather permits, we cook everything on the grill or do Dutch oven cooking together.

If I’m cooking inside, he will help by chopping the veggies or trimming the meat.


My Godfather Was a Living Large Influence in My Life

The Little Bungalow where I grew up


I lost another influential person from my childhood this week.

My parents’ good friend – the man who stood up at my christening and agreed to be my Godfather – passed away.

My Uncle Virg and Aunt Grace lived five doors up from us in that neighborhood of post-war bungalows. It was a railroad town and every man on our side of the street worked for the railroad.

In the 60s, when my parents were best friends with them, we did everything together. Our families celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, homecomings from Vietnam for their older military sons and weekend bar-b-ques.

There isn’t an old 8mm home movie we have that doesn’t include them.

But it wasn’t all play; when our parents wanted to renovate or expand our little bungalows, the other family was there.


It may not be Practical, but it is Necessary

Mist provides beauty in the morning

When we talk about designing a tiny or small home, we typically speak in terms of what necessities we can fit into the space.

More storage is always a premium.

Sometimes, though, you have to give up a little storage to be happy.

When we designed Our Little House, we thought about not putting a window above the kitchen sink and instead, put more shelf or cabinet space.

I already knew I wouldn’t have a dishwasher, as it would take up too much prime cabinet real estate.

We live in the Ozark Mountains and beautiful scenery is abundant, no matter the time of the year.

….And knowing how much I dislike doing dishes, I knew it would be less of a chore if I had something pretty to marvel at while doing that chore.


Homemade Goodness: Crock Pot Stuffed Green Peppers

Someone on our Living Large Facebook page asked me if the way I cook has changed since moving to Our Little House.

Let’s just say it has, but it has more to do with our location than space.

While I become frustrated sometimes for lack of counter space, I’ve learned to cook much better here, with a larger variety of fresh ingredients, which has resulted in a better variety of foods.

We’re 45 minutes from the nearest town with restaurants, we ate out frequently in the city; and we’re also more conscious of what we eat. Cooking at home is just better for us.

Eating out only once every other week has given me a lot of practice and obviously, it’s paid off. One of my husband’s co-workers said finding out what “good looking, home cooking” is in his lunch every day is a daily main topic of lunch table conversation.

That being said, my cooking has been a process of evolution.