Week #7 Living Large Summer of Fun Scavenger Hunt: Find Something to Try in Your City

Week #7 is here for the Living Large Summer of Fun Scavenger Hunt! Your fun task this week is to find something to do in your town/city that you’ve never done before, or haven’t done in a very long time!

Kansas City


When you grow up and live in the same area for 40+ years, it’s sometimes hard to see the great things there are to do right in your own backyard. That’s how we were living in Kansas City. After we moved and our hometown became a vacation/tourist destination for us, we found plenty of new things to keep us busy!

Visiting the National World War I Museum and Liberty Memorial was one of my favorite things we have done. I love history and this is truly a gem hiding in plain site. Other things include the American Jazz Museum and my all-time favorite, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

We usually walk around Crown Center and the Country Club Plaza. We still check out our favorite eateries, but have also come up with a few new favorite haunts, trying to hit someplace new each time.

I think it’s a shame we didn’t enjoy these great places and things to do while we lived there, part of Living Large is finding things around us that help enrich our lives. But I am glad we’ve discovered them since.

We wised up when we moved to Our Little House, there’s always something to try that we haven’t before. Since moving here, Dale bowled for the first time. We’ve kayaked, tried new hiking trails and when a new restaurant opens, we hit it. There’s a new gallery in town I haven’t stopped at yet. Although I’m a diehard Royals fan, I’d still like to get up to Springfield and see the minor league Cardinals play at some point.

See if you can find something to do around your town/city. It could be a free museum, art gallery/art walk or it could be a major or minor league baseball game, amusement park or fair, restaurant…whatever floats your boat!

What do you intend on finding to try around town to do this week?  

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