Beyond Our Little House: Who Gives a Hoot?

We bustle busily around Our Little House, taking out trash and putting away the tools that make our lives in this rural landscape easier. As we mill about, the woods begin to come to life, too.

The barred owl that’s become such a familiar sound of Cedar Hollow (or “holler,” depending on who says it) behind our house begins her calls, the one humans liken to “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you?” We stop our busy work when a mate unexpectedly answers. It’s a sound that never ceases to amaze. As the shadows grow deeper around the mountains, the owl calls fade, but other creatures of the night are just getting their start. When darkness completely falls, the cackles and howls of a pack of coyotes remind us that the forest never sleeps.

Do you live in the country? What kinds of sounds do you hear at nightfall? 

~Kerri, The Living Large Lady

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