Five Activities to Avoid Cabin Fever in a Tiny House

We have had an unusually warm winter so far (I hope I don’t jinx that by writing about it) without any snow, we didn’t even fire up the woodstove for the first time until last weekend.

Although it’s been unseasonably warm and I’ve been able to continue my walks with the dogs on most days, we still can’t get out to do some of the things we love on the lake, so we have to find things to do to keep us from getting cabin fever.

Here’s a list of the Top 5 Things I do in Our Little House in anticipation of spring:

Reading: I only have three magazine subscriptions, but I got behind on them last fall. When I’m done reading them, I send them to my mother in law and she reads them and passes them to her friends. Since the first of the year, I’ve sent her two huge packages of magazines. I also have a stack of books when I’m caught up on those. It’s January. Fall is past and the holidays are behind us. This is the time of the year I typically start to get cabin fever.

  • Writing: I do this for a living, but my creative writing is different from my work. In addition to writing real letters to friends and sending them in cards via snail mail, I write in a journal every day, keeping a gratitude list, which always helps keep me positive. I’m also collaborating with a friend on a fun, new e-book on rural living and planning the next Living Large book.
  • Coloring: Yep, you got that right. My aunt and a couple of friends from our neighborhood got into adult coloring books a couple of months ago. We have adult coloring book parties with food and libations. No Boys Allowed! It is true what they say about this, it really is a stress reliever and you don’t have to have any artistic ability at all.
  • Cooking: I asked Dale the other night if he ever thought I would be a good cook after the episode with my first meatloaf. I have gone back to a more strict vegetarian diet again so I’m having fun creating recipes.
  • Yoga: When we lived in the city I went to classes. Some issues with my stomach keeps me from bending into a pretzel these days, so I’ve been doing standing and chair yoga. Actually, it’s much more fun than it looks, helps me maintain my balance and get in some good exercise!

What are some of the things you do in the winter to avoid cabin fever?


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7 Responses

  1. Alexandra says:

    We try to get out and exercise without fail. So, walking.

  2. merr says:

    Coloring is wonderful. Sketching…even if you’re not much of a visual artist (like me). Scrapbooks, repurposing items…finding new things to do with old objects. I love that.

  3. Roxanne says:

    I still color in coloring books for kids. I always have. I took my crayons, etc, to college with me (back in the day). I’ll have to get some grown-up ones too. I heard on TV the other day that colored pencil makers are swamped with demand and can barely keep up with the crazy.

    I have a couple of mags from gift subscriptions, but I do hate when the pile up … it’s a good idea to hunker down when the weather gets colder, though.

    It has been cold here, but we haven’t gotten a ton of snow yet. It’s cold enough that the snow we have gotten has NOT melted, though. Super icy in places.

    Glad you can still get out with the pups. That helps SO much.

  4. Jane Boursaw says:

    Oh thank you! I’m smack in the middle of cabin-fever season here in Michigan. Work takes up a lot of time (thank heavens for self-employment, work-at-home work), but I love doing all of those you mentioned. And keeping the birds outside my window fed so they can entertain me.

  5. Sheryl says:

    I’m like you, keeping myself busy with similar things. Let’s hope the mild winter continues – I will never complain about that!

  6. Brette says:

    Our library has a magazine table where you can leave yours and take new ones. I take mine every time I go and sometimes find one or two to bring home. I’ve also started trying to do cross stitch – to keep my hands busy while watching tv. Sounds like you are staying busy!

  7. Melanie says:

    I love colouring! So much fun and great for inducing a state of flow. Do you have Lost Ocean yet? It is my favorite colouring book so far.