Summer is Drawing to a Close

It’s almost time to get the winter wood stocked

It’s not officially time to pull the plug on summer just yet, by the calendar, we still have until September 21, nearly a full two months left of summer. Even if we go by the official last party of summer, Labor Day, we have more than a month.

My aunt’s garden is still producing an abundance of veggies, they haven’t even started canning yet and are sharing the wealth with all of the neighbors, including us.

It has been one awesome summer here at Our Little House. We’ve had friends and family in for visits, been on the water a few times, saw the Little River Band in concert and given that it has been unusually cool, have been enjoying many nights with the AC off and windows open.

We still have a few summer plans ahead such as boating, fishing and a picnic.

But the weather here this past week reminds us that fall isn’t far off, It was very cool this week with temperatures only in the 70s on Wednesday and Thursday.

That prompted me to make a list of everything that needs to be done at Our Little House prior to cold weather setting in.

Here’s my top 5:

  • Clean out closets, book shelves and storage building for donations
  • Chop and stack firewood and determine if we need to order
  • Have septic cleaned out
  • Use all remaining foods in pantry/cabinets and restock for winter
  • Fall cleaning and repainting interior of house

What’s on your to-do list before fall?

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