A Respite From the Heat

It has been unusually cool at Our Little House this week, but we’ve been enjoying the fall-like temperatures, which have allowed us to open the windows and be outside more.

I’m still struggling with container gardening. I expanded it a lot last year with no more success than I had with just a few pots. This year, I only have one larger tomato and one cherry tomato plant.

I also grew cilantro earlier.

This little pink beauty already turned and is in my belly and we’ll be enjoying the others in salads soon.

I could grow anything, it seemed, in the rich soil of Kansas. In our yard here, the only thing that will grow is rocks. Container gardening is much harder, I think.

On another note, our little wren hatched her second set of babies this week. I had no idea that they typically have two broods each season. This is the first time she’s came back to lay her second set of eggs at the house.

She tried putting her nest in my watering can on the Party Deck, but I discouraged that by covering it, so I guess she decided to return to her first nest on the covered front porch.

So, once again, we’ve blocked off the porch from the dogs and we are all using the back door so she can raise her babies in relative peace and safety.
Have you gotten this nice July weather break? Have you been spending more time outside?




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2 Responses

  1. I have used raised beds for my vegetables and had good results, but this year we had a hard frost in MAY! I finally decided that I would focus on my flower beds this year,instead of the vegetables. My work has paid off. Flowers blooming and everything looks great, but I do miss homegrown tomatoes. However, we have a great farmer’s market not too far away, so I can still get that homegrown flavor, just will have to pay for it. Baby birds are adorable- I love Carolina Wrens and their peculiar habit of nesting in odd places!