A Respite From the Heat

Posted July 18th, 2014 by kerri and filed in small house living
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It has been unusu­ally cool at Our Little House this week, but we’ve been enjoy­ing the fall-like tem­per­a­tures, which have allowed us to open the win­dows and be out­side more.

I’m still strug­gling with con­tainer gar­den­ing. I expanded it a lot last year with no more suc­cess than I had with just a few pots. This year, I only have one larger tomato and one cherry tomato plant.

I also grew cilantro earlier.

This lit­tle pink beauty already turned and is in my belly and we’ll be enjoy­ing the oth­ers in sal­ads soon.

I could grow any­thing, it seemed, in the rich soil of Kansas. In our yard here, the only thing that will grow is rocks. Container gar­den­ing is much harder, I think.

On another note, our lit­tle wren hatched her sec­ond set of babies this week. I had no idea that they typ­i­cally have two broods each sea­son. This is the first time she’s came back to lay her sec­ond set of eggs at the house.

She tried putting her nest in my water­ing can on the Party Deck, but I dis­cour­aged that by cov­er­ing it, so I guess she decided to return to her first nest on the cov­ered front porch.

So, once again, we’ve blocked off the porch from the dogs and we are all using the back door so she can raise her babies in rel­a­tive peace and safety.
Have you got­ten this nice July weather break? Have you been spend­ing more time outside?




2 Responses to “A Respite From the Heat”

  1. I have used raised beds for my veg­eta­bles and had good results, but this year we had a hard frost in MAY! I finally decided that I would focus on my flower beds this year,instead of the veg­eta­bles. My work has paid off. Flowers bloom­ing and every­thing looks great, but I do miss home­grown toma­toes. However, we have a great farmer's mar­ket not too far away, so I can still get that home­grown fla­vor, just will have to pay for it. Baby birds are adorable– I love Carolina Wrens and their pecu­liar habit of nest­ing in odd places!