Comfy Chair Transforms Small Space

The Belle Writer's Studio Before. The chair is now in the far left cor­ner where the futon was.


One of the things we did right in design­ing The Belle Writer’s Studio is mak­ing sure I had enough room for both office space and sit­ting space, in case I wanted to relax while read­ing for research or even work from my lap­top in a more com­fort­able chair.

Until now, we only had the futon in the stu­dio. I’ve felt for a long time that it was miss­ing a nice, comfy chair, but I hadn’t found one that wasn’t both small and comfortable.

That was, until a cou­ple of years ago when we vis­ited the lake home of a friend of ours in Kansas.

They had a smaller brown chair that as vinyl, was func­tional for a lake style home (it just needs to be wiped down and if some­one sits on it while wet, it really doesn’t hurt any­thing) and didn’t over­power their small space.

I fell in love with the chair at first sit, but they couldn’t remem­ber where they had got­ten it.

The futon is now extended out from the wall, fac­ing the win­dow, which cre­ates more of a defined sit­ting area


A cou­ple of months ago, they began their down­sized retire­ment to their lake home and called to tell me they had to get rid of the chair to make room for some other fur­ni­ture they wanted to take with them.

When we went to KC for a visit a month ago, we picked it up. It is not only light­weight, but we were right about noth­ing harm­ing it, the chair rode all the way down to Arkansas in the back of our pick up, bumped along our rough road and the only thing I had to do was wipe it off.

I rearranged the stu­dio to accom­mo­date the chair in the cor­ner, which does give me a great place to sit and read or curl up with research.

It has made all of the dif­fer­ence in my office, which makes it feel so much more invit­ing. I even want to spend quiet time here when I’m not working.

I’m not big on rear­rang­ing fur­ni­ture, but I do like the flex­i­bil­ity of being able to make a space warmer or more invit­ing. It’s a lux­ury we don’t have in Our Little House, which will only accom­mo­date the futon sofa one way due to the place­ment of the wood stove.

If you’re think­ing of build­ing a small home, have you given thought to how you want your fur­ni­ture placed, what you would like to keep and will it be big enough to change if you want?

6 Responses to “Comfy Chair Transforms Small Space”

  1. Kennetha says:

    How many s.f. is your house?

    • Kerri says:

      Hi, Kennetha, Our home is 480 sq. ft., but this chair is in the office, which is 320 sq. ft. Since I write from home, I found I needed a lit­tle more space than the house pro­vided for a business.

  2. Sheryl M says:

    All the time. We down­sized two years ago, from a 2600 sqft to a lit­tle over 1000. From lots of rooms to one BR, and a loft, etc. None of the exist­ing liv­ing room / din­ing room / bed­room fur­ni­ture came along (except for one chest). The fun part was get­ting to redesign with new ideas and start over on the fur­ni­ture. I never thought I'd say this, but it's true about liv­ing smaller and sav­ing money: partly because when you real­ize you have no room for new things, you quit look­ing for them (shop­ping), and start buy­ing the essen­tials that you do need. It really is free­ing to have money to spend on the things you want to do, rather than what you want. Small is the new cool!

    • Kerri says:

      LOL, I like that, Sheryl, "Smart is the new cool!" I com­pletely agree with you. While we still want some things, it is mostly things that will make our out­door lives more fun — an out­door kitchen, a newer boat (ours is 35 years old and it could last us the rest of our lives, but we're hav­ing trou­ble find­ing parts for the motor now). No room in the house for any­thing else. :)

  3. Carol says:

    I'm in the process of doing just that. We just came back from check­ing on the progress of the addi­tion we're putting on our lit­tle house. Moving in 14 months! Now I'm look­ing at what will fit and what must go.

    Unfortunately, I love antiques and have sev­eral pieces that just will not fit. They will have a new life with some­one else. Tough deci­sions, but I think I can make the most of the area with fewer pieces that will fit just right.

    • Kerri says:

      Oooh, it's get­ting closer, Carol! YAY! My aunt had an unusual china cab­i­net that is an antique and fit into a cor­ner and she designed her din­ing area in her house just for that piece. Most of my beloved antiques I inher­ited from my mom fit, so I was lucky.