Fall in Photos at Our Little House

This lizard was pretty, with his blue tail, but he was running fast, probably trying to get everything done before the onset of cold weather!


The leaves haven’t started changing much yet here at Our Little House, but we know autumn will be here soon. Our weather got into the 40s at night over the weekend, making for some pretty chilly mornings.

We took a drive into the Buffalo River Valley territory over the weekend, hoping to catch a glimpse of the elk near Ponca with no luck. The Buffalo River National Park is closed, of course, so we didn’t get a chance to hike any of the trails there.

I did take some nice photos around there and around Our Little House.


Some might remember Dog Patch USA, a theme park between Harrison and Jasper, Ark. This is about all that remains


Another photo of the sad theme park that was once Dog Patch


The Boxley Valley near Ponca, Ark. No elk sightings on this day.


Summer is fading fast, like our Anaheim peppers


My whimsical summer lady bug windsock will soon be replaced with a skeleton for Halloween


Our Sweet Sade Sue enjoying a warm fall afternoon on the porch of The Belle Writer's Studio

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4 Responses

  1. Sandra says:

    I thought someone bought Dog Patch and was going to fix it up? Also heard that the Medieval Castle project bit the dust too? Our property is real close to the castle. With economy being so bad not sure when we will get there. Count my blessings that I still have work

    • Kerri says:

      There’s been so many rumors about Dogpatch. I wish someone would buy it, but I would say much of it would have to be torn down and rebuilt. And yes, the castle project ran out of money and closed. That was the weirdest project. If you’re not too far from the castle, you’re not far from us! Please let us know when you get down here, would love to meet you!

  2. Kerry Dexter says:

    thanks for sharing your neighborhood — the wider one and closer to home — through these photos. looking forward to seeing more as the leaves change and autumn settles in.