I’m Sticking to Veggies

This past weekend, Dale and I decided to go out to brunch.

We don’t eat out a lot anymore, particularly breakfast because I’m still trying to follow an all-plant based diet as closely as possible. A little hard to do when confronted with eggs and cheese omelets. Still, my acupuncturist, trained in traditional Chinese medicine, says that a little “bad” stuff, particularly when you’re craving for it isn’t a bad thing, and I was craving an egg.

When I got to the brunch buffet, I realized I was also craving meat, so I also indulged in a couple of small pieces of pork tenderloin. Pork was my undoing during my last foray into vegetarianism, which lasted nine months about 12 years ago.

Anyway, I ended up having eggs, cheese and other dairy, I’m sure in the rich sauces on my eggs, in addition to the meat.

It tasted oh so good going down and I told Dale when we left the restaurant I felt “stuffed” and he agreed he did as well.

We got home and didn’t eat the rest of the entire day. As a matter of fact, when we grilled our veggies in our grilling bowl Sunday night, we still weren’t hungry.

We felt stuffed and bloated in an icky way.

I looked today and while it seems like a lot longer, I have been on this new healthy living plan only a little over four months.

Still, my digestive system didn’t seem to like the way we used to eat all of the time and I can’t believe I felt like that before and didn’t think anything of it.

I still haven’t lost any more weight after the 22 pounds, but I’m still feeling much better.

Next up for trying something new is kombucha, a fermented tea that is supposedly good for you. I bought a bottle at the health food store a couple of weeks ago and I keep forgetting about it in the fridge.

Have you gone to a healthier way of eating and then tried to eat like you used to and had adverse effects?

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16 Responses

  1. Sandra says:

    Hubby had bypass in 07′ talk bout wake up call! he got liver damage from Vytorin. we reversed that with juicing. Then he got Type II Diabetes from Crestor. Quit statins and reversed the diabetes. So he just takes supplements to control cholesterol levels as well as adhere to a strict diet. When we do eat any meat, chicken or pork we get a sick feeling. Had to stay away from family for Thanksgiving due to fact they ridicule us. Recently found out husband has Hashimoto (Thyroid) so now no soy products or walnuts.

    • Kerri says:

      That’s terrible that your family ridicules you, Sandra. I bet you two are healthier than all of them. I have friends who make little comments as well and then they pull out their suitcase full of pills. No, thanks! I would rather make the change in my lifestyle then be on all of the drugs. I do believe in integrative medicine, I believe there is a place for both holistic medicine and science, but I think we are an over-dependent on drugs society. Most people don’t want to make the hard choices, they want a pill that will fix it all.

  2. Richard says:

    I was raised in a home where we had fried meat, fried potatoes, lots of bread and cooked veggies. Now, as an adult, I eat veggies,fruits,nuts and grains with very little meat.I never smoke or drink and can work or play as hard as I want.Not bad for a man of 54.Simple is best.

  3. Sheryl M says:

    We started a Nutribullet fruit shake diet on September 1st. We try to eat carefully during the day, then eat a fruit shake for our evening meal. When we first started, I remember thinking I didn’t feel very full, but after about a week, felt like the shake was more than enough. Now when we eat an evening meal out (because we’re not at home), I’m amazed at how stuffed I feel eating only half the meal. DH has lost 8-9 lbs – slowly, and I’ve lost all the weight gained from a ‘bad’ vacation that involved way too much eating. The best part is fitting back into clothes that were getting too tight.

  4. Mary B says:

    I changed the way I’m eating about 4 months ago too because I was feeling bad all the time. I’ve recently had to eliminate even more foods. The wheat, corn, diary are gone and now the beef, pork and chicken. I’m down to almond milk, fruit, veggies, salmon and eggs and feel better but still working on it. I’m trying to eat all organic but that’s really hard to do. I’m looking for what will help the bloating and other issues but still working on it. I wish you the best in figure out what to eat to feel your best.

    • Kerri says:

      As long as we stick to the all plant based, I feel a lot better. Have you watched “Forks Over Knives?” It’s a good documentary. I’m also taking a vegan cooking class, which is helping me prepare more flavorful foods so we don’t get bored so easily.

  5. Alexandra says:

    I do try to listen to my body .I had Lyme disease in July and my body didn’t want food, so I lost weight. My diet is usually veggies, with chocolate and coffee added. Couldn’t stomach any of the extra treats or large meals.

    • Kerri says:

      Oh, I do hope you’re feeling better now, Alexandra. I add chocolate and coffee into my diet as well. Life wouldn’t be good, for me or anyone around me, without either. 🙂

  6. Well I guess that was an experiment that confirmed that you’ve been doing the right thing for your body!

  7. Donna says:

    Sorry your treating yourself ended up making you feel sick. That sure takes the “treat” out of it, huh? 🙁