Beginning the Week with a Cold at Our Little House

The Labor Day holiday weekend in the U.S. is over and kids are back to school. That means it will not be long before parents are struggling with the cold and flu season.

We already are at Our Little House.

We went to Branson for lunch with friends on Saturday and then went and did our weekly grocery shopping.

On Sunday morning, my husband woke up with a sore throat.

The only problem is that he did not tell me.

Nor did he say anything when we had to make a Sunday grocery run to pick up a couple of items so I could make one of the neighbors chili. Her back caused her so much pain on Sunday she ended up in the ER. I figured she would not feel like cooking and she likes my chili, so I wanted to take them some.

But back to the sore throat….. When we got home and Dale started hacking, he finally admitted he had thought he was coming down with a cold.

He coughed and thrashed and didn’t sleep well last night, which meant I didn’t sleep well.

If that is the end of my involvement in this cold, I’ll be grateful. We ran out of vitamin C yesterday, so I’m just hoping that I can keep this from spreading to me.

I do have cranberry juice, which I will begin drinking this morning right after my morning coffee.

“If you had told me as soon as you felt that tickle, we would have stopped it,” I told him last night.

“I know.”

He does, he’s seen this work for me at least 95 percent of the time when I’ve felt a cold coming on.

Here’s my cold cocktail:

2,500 mgs. Chewable (pure) Vitamin C

Recommended daily dose of Echinacea and Zinc

Two hours later, 1,000 mgs. of Vitamin C, repeat­ing about every 4 hours, or 2,000 mgs. before bed. Don’t swal­low any­thing else after chew­ing the vit­a­mins, allow­ing them to coat the throat all night.

We also take the flu shot annu­ally and an herbal immune sys­tem booster each day in the win­ter. Other pre­cau­tions include try­ing not to touch our faces when we’re in pub­lic, espe­cially the nose, eyes or mouth. I don’t use antibac­te­r­ial gel at home, but we do use it when we’re going to be out on errands all day, espe­cially if we eat while out.

Have you had any colds yet this season?

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