Stayin’ Alive in August

In a way, it’s a miracle that I’m even writing about gardening in August.

Typically, at this time of the year, everything is burnt to a crisp and done.

This has not been a typical year, however. We had snow in May, delaying our planting and then a cool, very wet end of July and first of August.

I haven’t had the bounty of tomatoes and peppers for which I had such high hopes in May.

Unfortunately, the two solid weeks of rain we had did in some of my container tomatoes, which were already struggling after a serious green horn worm infestation.

What remains are my peppers, a non-producing tomatillo plant (it blumes, but never produces) and one tomato plant.

If we’re lucky, we’ll have some jalapenos ready by the end of the week.

I wanted to show you this watering wand we picked up last year. Dale reminded me this year, after I initially started out with such a large container garden, that I never used it.

It’s great in that it produces a soft shower, much like rain and doesn’t beat my plants and even when I had all of my containers, I could water in about 5 minutes.

How is your garden doing, still going?

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2 Responses

  1. Sue Moak says:

    It was a rough year for gardening! Maybe the Fall will be kinder to the veggies. I hope so! We’ll soon plant some kale and spinach.