Mystery Bandit in the Container Garden

What's left of our tomatillo plant

I’ve written for two years now about the perils of our container gardening as something has been getting my plants each year.

This year, I have the benefit of a wildlife camera to see who the culprit may be.

The tomato plants are about done, I’m afraid, although our Early Girl, which had taken a very bad beating from green horn worms, is producing again.

Rat or Squirrel, you be the judge

The tomatillo plant (pictured), had some nice blooms, but we’ll never know if it would have produced as this little bandit, whatever it is, carried off 3 of the large stalks and ripped the fourth.

The only problem is that I cannot see the tail so I can’t tell if this is a wood rat or a squirrel.

The species depends on the evasive action I will take.

Say "Cheese!" or is it say, "Nuts!"

What say our Living Large community?

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2 Responses

  1. I love that you have a wildlife camera so you can actually see this happening! Someone ate all of my parsley – I’m thinking rabbits but I’d like to know!