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A Rabbit with the Deer


OK, the secret is out. It really doesn’t take much to enter­tain us.

We haven’t bought each other “big” Christmas gifts for a long time. There was a time in our lives when we would spend hun­dreds of dol­lars on each other on gifts.

One Christmas dur­ing my cor­po­rate years, Dale gave me $500 worth of gift cards. I did have a really good time with them shop­ping the sales after Christmas, but we just don’t need “stuff” anymore.

Since mov­ing to Our Little House, dur­ing the hol­i­days we could afford it, we decided to spend only mod­er­ately and get some­thing we both could enjoy.

We do love watch­ing tele­vi­sion series and movies on DVD, so last year, it was a small (because who needs a big screen in a lit­tle house?) flat screen.

The only two things I really wanted is a 4-wheeler to go up and get the mail and a wild life cam.

Since we didn’t win the lot­tery, the wildlife cam won.

We bought a bag of deer corn last week­end and off we trot­ted through the woods, far enough away from the house so the wildlife wouldn’t be spooked by the dogs – or so we thought.

We allowed Chloe, our res­cue lab/pit mix to fol­low us, which was a mistake.

For the next two days, all we got pho­tos of was Chloe com­ing back to the spot to nib­ble some corn (and prob­a­bly crack her teeth).

On day 3, Dale hur­ried home from work and brought the cam­era in before dark­ness fell.

We were both so giddy to see if we had any­thing, we were prac­ti­cally shaking.

When the note popped up on the screen show­ing “40 pho­tos down­load­ing,” I could hardly wait to start the slideshow.

We scored! A small herd of does with a baby came along once dur­ing the night and again the next morn­ing, and then there was, of course, Chloe, again.

We were going to wait to reset the cam­era over the week­end, but we wanted to keep the deer and any­thing else com­ing back.

We trot­ted out to the woods, even know­ing it would be dark before we could get back.

We did set it a lit­tle lower on a tree trunk this time and also put the corn fur­ther away from the cam­era to get a full view of the ani­mals and herds.

Our dream is to “cap­ture” the elu­sive moun­tain lion and a black bear, though we’ll take turkey and any­thing that wan­ders in front of the lens.

Like I said, it doesn’t take much to enter­tain us.

Have you ever had a wildlife cam­era? What’s the coolest pic­ture you’ve gotten?



24 Responses to “Our Wild Entertainment”

  1. The wildlife cam­era sounds great. We have about 67 deer that go through our yard reg­u­larly. My dog goes crazy–but the deer, well, they don't even seem to notice him.

    • Kerri says:

      The cam is fun, we're get­ting a lot of enter­tain­ment out of it. We're out of corn, though, so we're going to have to get more this week­end to draw them in!

  2. So sorry I have not been here in a while. I am hardly keep­ing up with all the blogs I've added to my read­ing list. This, I sup­pose, is my enter­tain­ment. My lap­top is the only screen in this lit­tle two-room house and it is all I need. I so under­stand what you mean about stuff. Loved read­ing about your excite­ment when you real­ized there were 40 pic­tures on the cam­era. I tried to imag­ine the look on your faces. You are prov­ing once more how large one can live in a lit­tle house!!

    • Kerri says:

      Thanks, Granny, it is indeed fun. We've done this sev­eral times since and it is just as excit­ing each time! Welcome back!

  3. merr says:

    What an incred­i­ble, awe-inspiring view, Kerri. You are very, very, very fortunate!

  4. Donna Hull says:

    You're very own wildlife cam? Way cool. I've always enjoyed find­ing web­cams onine that show wildlife. It would be so much fun if you do pho­to­graph a bob­cat, moun­tain lion or bear. Hope you post it here if you do.

  5. Are you kid­ding? This sounds like great fun.

  6. Heather L. says:

    That is so cool that you got the pho­tos of the deer on the wildlife cam­era. The only "wildlife" I could cap­ture here is the weirdo door-to-door sales­peo­ple. But I know the pet detec­tive in this area uses wildlife cam­eras to find lost dogs and cats.

  7. Alexandra says:

    I have thought of get­ting one to see what ani­mals come in under the eaves and into the attic dur­ing snow­storms. Squirrels? Would like to see them gala­vant­ing around, since they sound like a herd of ele­phants. I remem­ber read­ing a blog called Starving off the Land, and the author set up a cam­era to see what crit­ters were steal­ing her chick­ens. The results were quite amaz­ing. Think she had a coy­ote and a fox on the film.

    • Kerri says:

      I would def­i­nitely have to have one to see what crit­ters we had if we had them com­ing under the eves, Alexandra! A wildlife cam would be very ben­e­fi­cial to see what is steal­ing chick­ens, for sure.

  8. Sheryl says:

    I like to sit by my win­dow and look out into the woods. You never know what you're gonna see. So far: wild turkeys, lots of deer (I espe­cially love the babies), an occa­sional red fox, coy­otes (those scare me), racoons, skunks, pos­sum (ew)…so far no bears (whew).

    • Kerri says:

      We don't see much wan­der­ing by the house, because of the dogs. But I have seen deer, coy­ote and turkey in the yard at dif­fer­ent times. We fig­ure we might have bet­ter luck see­ing a bear on the camera!

  9. Sheryl M says:

    This is an excit­ing read! We've thought about buy­ing an out­door cam but haven't got­ten one yet. I have seen deer, red foxes and a big brown owl. I'm look­ing for­ward to see­ing what you'll catch on camera.

  10. We see a lot of wildlife with­out a cam — skunks (not so good if you star­tle then and then …), deer, pos­sum, and rac­coons. I love see­ing these ani­mals. Unfortunately the rac­coons some­times become pests. And though I really love skunks when they spray under our back rental every­one is very sad…

    • Kerri says:

      Yes, I can imag­ine. Be care­ful, too, if you're see­ing these ani­mals dur­ing the day­time hours. They can carry rabies and see­ing skunks and rac­coons dur­ing full day­light is not typ­i­cally a good sign.

  11. Oh my gosh, this is so much fun! I can't wait to see who else poses for you!

  12. Sue says:

    We have been using one for 3 years now. Like Chloe, our long­horns get in the pic­ture a lot and we have some funny ones of them. Have got­ten a pic of two fawns fight­ing like box­ers, lots of big bucks, does and babies, rac­coons, a big black hog, jackrab­bits, and turkeys. Keep hop­ing to get one of a bob­cat or fox but no luck so far, even though we have seen those here. We have moved the cam­era to dif­fer­ent places. The com­pany my hus­band works for has a big ranch in South Texas and they have got­ten pics of moun­tain lions and bob­cats on their cam­eras. Hope you get a pic of one of the big ani­mals! I know you will share with us when you do!

    • Kerri says:

      We were talk­ing about mov­ing the cam­era this past week. There is a place that is cleared that would be eas­ier for us to get to across the road. I might try that next time!