The Lazy Dumping Spot

Posted December 6th, 2012 by kerri and filed in small house living
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Every home has one: a dump­ing place we lay stuff down when we come in the house.

In our house in the city, it was the stairs, as the foyer was perched between one set going up and one going down in the split level house.

I also dumped mail on the kitchen table, and Dale put his stuff on a ledge in the fam­ily room.

There aren’t as many dump­ing places in Our Little House, but we still put stuff on the kitchen table, which I clean off every week­end. In the win­ter, we also sling our coats over the kitchen chair. In a small home, any­thing clut­ter­ing sur­faces looks twice as bad.

When we vis­ited Sevierville, Tennessee on one of my work assign­ments in September, we went into a store that had a lot of cabin décor. I found a hall tree (pic­tured above) that is per­fect for my office.

However, there is really no room for a stand­ing tree or even one that hangs in the house. Hanging the coats back in the closet each time we come in seems like it would be a sim­ple solu­tion, but like sort­ing mail and not clut­ter­ing up the kitchen table every day, it doesn’t seem to happen.

Even after five years of small house liv­ing, we are still dis­ci­plin­ing our­selves on keep­ing the clut­ter out.

Do you find your­self (or fam­ily) throw­ing coats in a cer­tain area, rather than hang­ing them up?  


27 Responses to “The Lazy Dumping Spot”

  1. Alisa Bowman says:

    I have about 18 dump­ing spots. It's really get­ting ridiculous.

  2. Every December, my hus­band dec­o­rates our coa­track with hol­i­day lights. The coats? They're on a bed now, of course.

  3. My kitchen island is our dump­ing place. It seems impos­si­ble to get clear. Then I trans­fer the stuff to the steps for my next trip up. Then it lands on the final dump­ing grounds: my desk!

    • Kerri says:

      I can't stand stuff on my desk, but the fil­ing cab­i­nets and table in my stu­dio aren't off lim­its! I have to clean tomorrow.

  4. Alexandra says:

    Oh, my. You have touched a nerve. My hus­band has about three coats on chairs in the liv­ing room. We des­per­ately need a place to hang them.

  5. ChristineGL says:

    Yes, we have clut­ter mag­nets, here or there. It's hard because it's not just about dis­ci­plin­ing myself or my hus­band but our four kids too. It''s inter­est­ing to hear it still hap­pens even after down­siz­ing and sim­pli­fy­ing your life!

    • Kerri says:

      It is more com­pli­cated with kids. Yesterday, the dogs received a box of treats in the mail from a friend, so I actu­ally got to blame them for the clut­ter on the table last night! ;)

  6. Sheryl M says:

    The kitchen bar area. It's right next to the back door, and every­thing that I bring in gets piled up there. Coats get slung over one of the bar stools. I'm sit­ting at the bar typ­ing this now, look­ing down line at the pile of mail, keys, cds etc that came in from the last load. But, we do have a plan! Since the cabin is so small, and the one bed­room closet is old style (maybe 5' long, and cer­tainly not walk in) and the coat closet got turned into a kitchen pantry, we've got a builder friend com­ing out to enclose the back porch area = we're turn­ing it into a mud room. Shoes, coats, mail, etc will at least have a land­ing place that won't be totally vis­i­ble from inside the house. We're hop­ing add built in shelves and stor­age bins so things can get put up. LIke Carol said, it will be a retrain­ing process.

    • Kerri says:

      Oh, I love the idea of a mud room. My parent's larger, older Tudor had one and I think they should have con­tin­ued build­ing them onto houses. She had a great big coat rack in it and a bench where we could sit and take off and put on our shoes (I still have both stored in the stor­age build­ing, sigh). I've thought about doing this to the cov­ered front porch. I think it would be a lot more use as a mud room.

      • Sheryl M says:

        Kerri: That's exactly what we are plan­ning to do with the cov­ered back porch. We did see a friend con­vert 1/2 of his front porch into an enclosed room that is a house addi­tion. The other 1/2 is still the porch. I would not have thought it worked until I saw it.

  7. My kids pile school bags and coats on the hope chest in the front hall. I have a cou­ple piles in my office of stuff that has nowhere to go. I pile clothes on the chair in the bed­room. It's just hard to have a place for every­thing all the time!

  8. Laura says:

    I also find clut­ter has a way of find­ing me, even in my Tiny House! Where do things come from?

  9. Sue says:

    Every avail­able lit­tle wall space has a black hook! Haha! Coats and even my purse go on one. For some rea­son it just seems point­less to take the coat out and put the cost up when I take it on and off sev­eral times a day. I don't know why. Also our kitchen island/table accu­mu­lates papers and I have to con­stantly clean it off.

  10. Nanci says:

    We just went through the same thing!! We ended up buy­ing one of those 70's vintage-look wood towel bars and hang­ing it up in the beams on the ceil­ing. Disguised orga­ni­za­tional tool!!! Except when we use coat hangers.…which is most of the time!

  11. Oh, that is what chairs are for!

  12. Carol says:

    Guilty. Hanging on the back of the kitchen table chair, along with my purse, back­pack and com­puter case. I refuse to talk about the mail, it's a mess. I just lack the dis­ci­pline to go through the stuff and take care of it in a timely man­ner! Working on it but it's a slow relearn­ing process.