The Potting Table at Our Little House

Posted February 9th, 2012 by kerri and filed in small house living
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This one's for you, Cal! Dale's potting/utility table


Sorry for the absence, we have been busy at Our Little House get­ting taxes ready (yuck), work­ing (would rather be play­ing, but hav­ing work is good), Dale’s been fight­ing a cold (dou­ble yuck) and we’ve been deal­ing with Abbi’s injury and Molly’s heart prob­lem (triple yuck).

Perhaps it’s the dis­trac­tions or tir­ing of the cold weather – I can’t call it Cabin Fever this year as it hasn’t been that cold – but it is win­ter and not spring or sum­mer, but my mind hasn’t been too cre­ative with regards to com­ing up with posts for Living Large.

I would rather give you sub­stance rather than dri­vel, so I decided to take a cou­ple of weeks off. I intended on replac­ing writ­ten posts this week with some pho­tos I thought you would enjoy, but the week got away.

When a cou­ple of peo­ple in our com­mu­nity con­tacted me this week to make sure we were still alive and kickin’ here at Our Little House, I real­ized I needed to get it in gear.

Thank you so much for your con­cern, I truly love you all!

This first photo is for Cal, espe­cially, who wanted to see a photo of the potting/utility table Dale built from scrap pieces of pal­let wood.

I’ll be back Tuesday with more pho­tos, I promise!

What do you think of Dale's first table?

12 Responses to “The Potting Table at Our Little House”

  1. Excellent! I made my hus­band a BBQ table one year for his birth­day, but made it out of redwood.

  2. mat says:

    Looks great! The joints look nice and tight and the whole thing looks solid. I always won­dered how well those jigs work.…
    And FWIW, I always second-guess my designs too. It always looks per­fect on paper (or the com­puter), but when I put my hands on it, there's some­thing about it I'd change. I try to live it with it for a while and if it still both­ers me after a cou­ple of years, I redo it. Just want to make sure I get my use out of it!

  3. Beautiful! I love the prim­i­tive style and clean, sim­ple lines. I pre­dict that a hun­dred years from now, some­one will pay a hand­some price to an antique dealer for this treasure!

  4. Cal Olson says:

    I think Dale's first table is amaz­ing! Nothing to hide there, friends — what a fine job! Thanks for let­ting us see it!

    • Kerri says:

      Thanks, Cal! Dale is start­ing to let go of the cou­ple of nit-picky (in my opin­ion) things that didn't go exactly as he hoped and he is very proud of it now. It goes with our out­door envi­ron­ment and is very sturdy and func­tional. He's strug­gled with wood­work­ing in the past, but this Kreg Jig has done the trick!

  5. Jan says:

    I think it looks like a very nice pot­ting table! Trust me, you could prob­a­bly go online and find some retail web­site with a sim­i­lar look­ing pot­ting table at 3 times the cost and it wouldn't be made nearly as well. Great job!

  6. Judy says:

    Good job Dale!! Looks all square and strongly built!! Should last for a long time.