A Curiouser and Couriouser Week

Have you ever felt like Alice in Wonderland when things aren’t as they seem?

It’s been a very strange week here at Our Little House.

It’s been mostly work projects that have caused me to scratch my head – an editor doing something unheard of in journalism, asking me to give up my notes to a source.

Another story of mine was edited until I hardly recognized what I wrote.

A nearly 8 month negotiation to do some work for a company still did not result in a contract.

I went for a meeting thinking we were near a contract and instead, found myself feeling like I was back in the very first meeting again. The woman put in charge of determining what the company needs acted like her boss hadn’t filled her in on any of our previous conversations.

When I came home from the meeting, I found out someone had hacked into Living Large, so my apologies to anyone who could not access the site on Tuesday. I was up until 10:30 that night working with my ISP to resolve the issue.

Of course, I’m still at a loss over the whole turkey drop controversy.

We received some much-needed rain at Our Little House yesterday. Hopefully, it will wash away the Twilight Zone occurrences here.

I don’t know if I can take much more curiouser and curiouser!

Have you ever had times that it seemed everything you did was backwards or inexplicably wrong?

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22 Responses

  1. That does sound like a not-fun week. I figure we have a lousy week every once in awhile (hopefully just every once in awhile) to make us appreciate the good weeks.

  2. Donna Hull says:

    Freelance writers live a crazy lifestyle that’s for sure. As someone who had her blog hacked last week, I send my deepest sympathies and unfriendly karma to the hackers.

  3. I’ve had a sink-hole of a week here too. My symptathies.

  4. Jane Boursaw says:

    In the Twilight Zone regularly here. I’m working on trying to make peace with it as a lifestyle. 🙂

  5. When life goes seriously askew, I try to tell myself I’m “owed” some stress-free living for a while. Sometimes, I actually convince myself of it. Here’s hoping it’s true for you.

    • Kerri says:

      I think that’s a good policy, Ruth! I think that believing we are owed good things in life is part of the theory of positive thinking.

  6. The moon will move on, and your life will too.

  7. Merr says:

    Ah, the full moon! Whoever says that we are not all connected to each other and to our environment just doesn’t get it!

  8. Sheryl says:

    Oh yes, I can total Yee ate. There are some days – and entire weeks – where things are so strange that I swear I’m dreaming. I wonder if there’s something in the pull of the planets…

  9. Some weeks are like that – and I’m sorry you had one. Right now I am stunned it is Friday. I’ve been waiting all week for some important items for a project that I was supposed to have last Monday and I still do not have.

  10. V Schoenwald says:

    Yes, pretty much every day, Kerri. My life is a twilight zone here also.
    It seems that there is more and more hacking of blogs, especially sites like yours, and mine, and others who promote a simpler, slower lifestyle. It is as if this is not to be even considered as such.
    I find people are getting evil, hateful, and jealous of what others are trying to accomplish.
    As far as working with people anymore, it seems to me that people’s thinking is clouded, and they are like they are in the ozone layer, way out in left field. Some I have run into are so stoned on dope that I give up even talking to them, and this is in places of business.
    I don’t have answers, I wish that I did.
    Try to have a good weekend.

    • Kerri says:

      Oh, I will. I don’t let it get me down. I told someone today though that maybe I need to smudge the studio or something and get rid of some bad mojo. You have a good weekend, too!