The Nesting Season Begins

This is the time of the year when my nesting instincts begin to kick in.

When the weather begins to change, I feel the need to get the house ready for the winter ahead.

We’ve had some warm days, mixed with cool and wet ones, perfect for digging the crock pot out and dusting it off, rearranging the kitchen and making note on what we needed to stock up, just in case of that snow or ice storm. I also need to rotate the closet.

I hate doing that just yet, I miss my cotton peddle pushers in the winter, but the truth is that it has been a week since I’ve worn them, choosing instead my warmer sweats.

When I went to book club last week, I didn’t know how to dress, as the morning was cool and rainy, but it was expected to warm up that afternoon. I ended up wearing a short-sleeved sweater pull over and my raincoat, but I also brought a long-sleeved button up with me, just in case the host’s house was cool.

I hoped to get my kitchen organized this past weekend. Thanks to some antiquing while running errands, I’m set on cast iron skillets (we purchased two more this past weekend, a Griswold and Wagner). I wanted to finally box up all of the Teflon coated cookware and replace it with some old Revere Ware copper bottomed stainless steel sauce pans.

Thanks to Olivia and Mat, two of our Living Large community, I’m sold on copper bottomed stainless steel and after some research, I decided on heirloom 1950s-60s era Revere Ware, especially since none of it is no longer made in the United States.

As well, new resources will not have to be used to make, ship and distribute new.

The search is proving more elusive than I expected, but we did receive one lead from an antique shop owner who says his mother had some Revere Ware from the 1950s, he just needs to locate the boxes and clean them up.

I know some people have found them on EBay, but I hate buying such things online when I cannot see the actual condition (especially if I’m spending a higher amount).

We’ll find the perfect set, I just hope it is soon so I can complete my nesting routine.

What are you doing to prepare for the upcoming fall/winter? Have you ever purchased used kitchenware online, and were you happy with your purchase?

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28 Responses

  1. sarah henry says:

    In major winterizing mode here too, if you can say that with a straight face in California. Determined to get plants in ground before the rainy season, for one.

    And back-to-school time is always a good time, I’ve found, for organizing and reordering what your kid really needs and what can be handed down, stored, or given away. A fresh school year, a fresh start at home.

  2. Merr says:

    I enjoy reading about the seasons in your posts because here in so Cal the seasons are somewhat un-marked.

  3. Sheryl says:

    I must be in denial because I refuse to put away my sandals. Can you tell I hate winter??

    • Kerri says:

      I hate winter too, Sheryl. I like fall as it ushers in usually cooler weather where we can enjoy the outside after unbearable heat in August. But I do hate winter.

  4. I’m excited for fall. I’ve been gathering up all my summer clothes and replacing them with sweaters. As far as cookware goes I’ve gotten deals at restaurant supply stores.

  5. Our main task for winter preparation is cleaning the stovepipe to our woodstove. We actually didn’t use it last winter because we’d just moved here and David hadn’t yet cut any firewood. But, this winter I definitely want to heat as much as possible with the woodstove and hopefully keep our heating bills to a minimum. The other things I’m doing for change of season include swapping out the lightweight summer comforter on our bed, to a warmer heavier one for winter. I also do a seasonal closet switch, moving my summer clothes into storage for the winter and pulling out my sweaters and heavy sweatshirts to keep in my bedroom closet. I love autumn, and also like to decorate with leaves, acorns and pinecones. I make simple arrangements, sometimes putting them in a pretty bowl or around the base of a candle, then place throughout the house. I like bringing nature inside!

    • Kerri says:

      That sound wonderful, Kathy! Yes, very important to keep the stove pipe clean. I have a set of bright rust place mats in the shape of leaves, I love bringing those out and putting them on the table for fall!

  6. Kim says:

    Hooray! Welcome to Griswold ownership! 🙂

  7. Deb Berning says:

    I season cast iron with lard, never went rancid. I never season stainless steel pots/pans. I use only glass, stainless steel, and cast iron for cooking/baking, only safe kinds to use. This is all my mother uses also and she does hte same as me.

  8. Susan says:

    I have a set that my husband gave me back in the early 1970’s as a Christmas gift and US made in Clinton, Ill, my mom has a set that is from the 50’s that I will add to mine down the road. I no longer have my dutch oven because I ruined that one by not watching the pot. These and my Lodge and some other stainless steel pots that unfortunately are made in China is what I use. I use Bon Ami or Barkeepers cleanser to clean my stainless. Good luck in your quest for reall Revere Ware. I did buy a set of Revere that was made in China several years ago and it was not the same quality.

  9. NoPotCooking says:

    My mom gave me a set of Revereware when I got married and I still use it. One piece had to be replaced when the handle fell off but other than that it has held up well.

    • Kerri says:

      Thanks, No Pot. I’m looking forward to finding this stuff. I’m encouraged by all of the stories of people having and using it for years and years!

  10. Olivia says:

    Kerri – I had never looked to see what kind of stainless steel copper bottomed pots I had so I went down to check and, lo and behold, they are Revere Ware! I had never heard of Revere Ware and I wonder if Mum bought them here in Canada (back in the Jurassic era) or on one of our trips to the States – as kids we always travelled from the east coast to “Upper Canada” via New England. Thanks for mentioning the brand – now my curiosity is piqued again about antique hunting. We don’t have a lot of antique stores here (pop. of entire province is about 140,000) but sometimes there are auctions.

    • Kerri says:

      I thought maybe if you had older ones, they might be Revere Ware, Olivia. I read they were once the world leader in stainless steel pots. All of them were produced here in the U.S. once upon a time. I’m thinking I might do better at an estate auction here.

  11. mat says:

    Glad to have helped point you in a good direction. And good luck with your search!
    I have a few tips for you and your new-to-you pans:

    1) If you need to season your pan–and I have to re-season every so often, I have always found that butter on low heat (3/10) for 15 minutes works really well for stainless steel. Remember to keep swishing it around to coat the sides too.

    2) If you’re going to cook hotter than 6/10 or 7/10 you really, REALLY need to keep your food moving. Flip it, slide it, just move it.

    3) Be careful deglazing with liquids like fruit juices (and of course, alcohols around an open flame)–they can turn to syrup quickly and burn.

    • Kerri says:

      Thanks for the tips, Mat. We’ve always read not to season with butter or lard, at least in cast iron, because it will become rancid? Thoughts?

      • mat says:

        Hrmm…you know, I never thought about it…or looked into it. They may be completely right.
        My usual modus opporandi is to season and then immediately cook, because I’ll look at the pan and realize I can’t use it the way it is. So I get some butter going, let it cook in for 10-15 minutes, then let it cool down (as much as I can) and get going.

        • Kerri says:

          After I posted that, I had a “duh,” moment, Mat. You do use some sort of cleaner on your stainless, right? Unlike the cast iron, where you leave it with the oil on it. So, if you do use a cleaner on your stainless, you wouldn’t have that problem with rancid oil. Seasoning before use does make sense. I’ve tried stainless a couple of times (both when much younger and hopefully, dumber) and didn’t like it because it stuck and I burned stuff on the bottom. I assume your seasoning before use eliminates this.

          • mat says:

            Well yes, there’s that. 😀
            Full disclosure: I’ve burned lots of things in my stainless pans. My wife gives me this look halfway between sarcasm and amusement…but the pans always come clean.
            My secret weapon on removing burned-on problems is a hot water deglgaze just after removing the food from the pan. While it’s steaming and evaporating, I give the whole thing a good scrape-over with my bamboo spatula (it’s more like a flat fork with no tines) and hope for the best. When it cools down, I might clean it with a non-scratch pad (called a “Dobie” around here) or break out the steel wool. But I always make sure to give it a reseason at or prior to the next use.

  12. Alexandra says:

    I am a thrift shopper from way back. There are real treasures to be found. I get most of my clothing from local thrift shops. Regarding clothes in early fall, one word: layers!!

    • Kerri says:

      Definitely on the layers, Alexandra. I think antique store and thrift store shopping is so entertaining. I have it in my blood from my parents as well.

  13. Becky says:

    good morning …through g*saleing I have found 5 pieces.. two reg. size sauce pans and one smaller one and two lids.. Once I have an idea to need something we call this “treasure hunting” Due to space we we can only have treasures now.. nothing else. I love that you add what you were looking for on here… many people will see it and want to help. I have a lot of treasure hunters in my friend pile and they love to hunt.. for Happy Treasure Hunting.. FYI.. I love fall and nesting..but fall means getting the garden ready for next years planting..

    • Kerri says:

      Hi, Becky. We just do deck gardening and my tomato plants are still producing, so I haven’t put the pots up yet! Thanks for the wishes on the treasure hunting. We only have room for things that are absolutely functional too.