Getting Hung at Our Little House

Life IS Good at Our Little House

I finally got in the mood to decorate my walls in Our Little House. I guess after living here full time for over three years, it’s about time.

Like I told a friend of mine, no one can ever accuse me of decorating on a whim!

I’m not comfortable with decorating anyway and I think one of the things that intimidated me about decorating such a small space was the fear of cluttering the walls and overwhelming the space.

I had three hangings I had put up when we built Our Little House, all cute things, albeit small, that went with the cabin feel theme.

We received a couple of things for my birthday and Christmas, so my problem moved from being afraid of buying things too big for the space, to where to hang them.

I also bought the “Life is Good” sign while in Branson for Dale’s birthday. It’s my motto and I thought a great thing to see everyday, just to remind us.

The walls were pretty “bear” before/photo by Kevin Pieper

I reserved the bathroom and bedroom art and family photos and the open living room space mostly for functional, as with a clock, which I hung on the largest wall over the television and a decorative bear thermometer.

Since we don’t have a heating/cooling system with a thermostat, this is a huge help in helping us determine how hot or cold it really is when firing up the wood stove. Since we’ve gotten closer to 50, our internal thermostats have went a little wonky.

Still, even the functional is relatively small so they do not overwhelm the tiny space.

With the exception of one hanging for the bathroom that was damaged in the move and I’m having repaired at an art studio, I’m now finished with Our Little House.

I’m now obsessing over the Belle Writer’s Studio. Although still a small space, cathedral ceilings allow for larger pieces without the fear of overwhelming the walls.

Since it serves two functions, one as my office and the other housing guests, I’m dividing that wall space.

In the sitting and bathroom area, I’ll hang reproduction tins about cabins/resorts in the woods. In my office area, framed posters of the many trips I’ve had the opportunity to take as a writer. On a wall that separates the two, printer’s drawers and blocks salvaged from the old now defunct newspaper here.

I’m excited for a new look in both spaces.

How often do you change your wall décor? Do you have a fear of cluttering the walls or over/under whelming the wall space you have?

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10 Responses

  1. Sometimes, I like a bare wall, but I’m glad you finally hung a few things. A little visual change is good.

    Tom is forever moving artwork around in the house. I tend to pick things, hang them, and let it ride.

    • kerri says:

      My mother covered her walls, so blank walls was something I never saw. I’m being good, though, not overwhelming the walls I have here. 🙂 Interesting your husband likes to move art around. Dale would be happier if we didn’t put anything up!

  2. I think you were wise to live in your space for awhile before doing any serious wall decorating. I have learned to wait and think awhile before giving in to an impulse to put things up. I like to decorate, but sometimes am too quick to want to add interest to a blank wall. I’ve learned it’s better to sit back and wait. Inspiration usually strikes me when I’m least expecting it, and I’ve found that I make better decisions about decorating, if I give myself some time to think about the space I want to enhance.

    • kerri says:

      I’m glad I waited too, Kathleen. I just hope this is the last time I have to wait for the inspiration decorate any new space! 🙂

  3. NoPotCooking says:

    I am currently in the process of slowly redoing our wall art. I started out with a lot of store bought items that matched the decor but meant nothing to me. Over the years, I have been buying paintings, tiles, and other things (like baskets) on our trips. I’m running out of space, so what I’m trying to do is replace things I don’t particularly care for with items that have meaning to me.

    • kerri says:

      That’s always a great philosophy, have what you love in your home. I think this is especially true when hanging things on walls, as I tend to keep them there for a very long time.

  4. Congratulations on finally hanging up your wall decor. I suffer from the same malady. Things sit on my floor for months before they get hung and I’m not sure why, although I, too, am a little timid about my decorating prowess.

    A friend once gave me a book, “Wear Your Party Pants,” and the message is do it now, don’t wait.

    So, you’re definitely wearing your party pants.

    • kerri says:

      I love it, wearing my party pants! 🙂 Dale also has an aversion to nail holes, he is obsessively against them, so it took me awhile to warm to those Command strips too.

  5. Alexandra says:

    I don’t tend to move wall hangings, but I used to move furniture a lot. It drove the men of my life crazy. Not that we are older, just moving ourselves is becoming the effort!

    • kerri says:

      I hear you! I had to climb on a chair to hang a framed photo in my office yesterday and after getting up and down, making sure it was straight and in the right place, by the third climb I knew I was done! 🙂