Living Large in Our Little House Links

Here are some links you might enjoy checking out this weekend!

Organic pet food sales are growing (remember, readers, I work for an excellent company, K9 Cuisine, which supplies online only the highest quality commercial pet foods on the market. You can purchase your high quality pet food without additional sales taxes and have it delivered directly to your door!) The best part of it is the company founder’s values regarding donating to animal causes.

This article defines fresh, local, organic.

Coupons a good way to also save on organic groceries.

Start ‘em off right. Organic clothing for newborns.

McMansions falling out of home buyer’s favor (Really!? We small house owners could have told them that!)

This writer argues that bamboo is not really green.

Going green with your exercise routine!

An ultra modern tiny kitchen design.

Would you pay more for green toys?

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  1. Bamboo is one of the most Green washed products ever.

    A recent study found that it had over 3 times the embodied energy of Concrete…just to cover its SHIPPING not any of its manufacture. The Energy used to make and ship the concrete was far better.