Fans for Food at Our Little House

Chloe was pulled from the shelter by Half-Way Home Rescue

As I’ve written here before, I’ve been blogging about pet adoption and rescue for K9 Cuisine this year. It’s worked out to be a great gig and I love writing about rescued pets and the people who make saving them possible.

It not only is a great writing gig for me, but it is a good company as well. Not only is it convenient for me to order our Fabulous Four’s food by having it shipped directly to Our Little House, the company’s CEO actively supports rescues and shelters.

Yesterday, I helped K9 Cuisine launch its’ Fans for Food campaign. If the company reaches its’ goal of 5,000 fans on Facebook by the end of the month, it will donate 2 bulk shipments, or about 5,000 pounds of food to two separate rescues.

The campaign is in honor of Adopt-A-Shelter-Pet Month.

One of the rescues, Half-Way Home in Collins, Mo., is the rescue for which I volunteer and they pull homeless pets from the municipal shelter in Springfield, Mo.

I could volunteer with rescues much closer to home (and I do drop money into their piggy banks when I see them at adoption events around town), but I found Half-Way Home one night while researching a story for the blog.

Their network of volunteers was getting the word out about pets that needed to be pulled from the shelter that week in order to save their lives. Our precious Chloe was among the ones on death row.

This truly is an amazing grass roots rescue. You can read more about it on my blog, Rescue Me, as well as Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, which will receive the other shipment of food. I hope you will also go to the K9 Cuisine Facebook page and press the “Like” button to help feed homeless animals, as well as suggest to your friends on Facebook to “Like” the page as well (there is a suggest to friends link to the left of the page).

Each time I look at Chloe, I’m so appreciative of Half-Way Home and the connection they made possible for us with her. Now I would like to try to give a little more back by making sure they receive a helping hand with food this fall.

What is your favorite volunteer activity?

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12 Responses

  1. I’am thinking of getting a golden Retriever as a puppy for my daughter. Is this a good choice? Is a Golden Retriever good with young children? My daughter is 6 years old.

    • kerri says:

      I believe Goldens can be very good with children. I would like to suggest that you go through a rescue or shelter and adopt a homeless pet that needs a home. So many do, especially in this economic climate. Good luck!

  2. Heather says:

    I’m between volunteer experiences right now, but one of my favorites was taking kittens and puppies from the Humane Society to visit the elderly in assisted living homes. The smiles that came to their faces when they saw those little balls of fur would melt your heart.

    • Kerri says:

      What a wonderful initiative, Heather! The elderly are also routinely forgotten and I bet it was a very rewarding way to spend your time.

  3. I’m still just astounded that there are shelters that don’t do any adoptions at all. This is a great campaign, Kerri. Congrats!

  4. Alexandra says:

    My volunteer work centers around getting the word out about toxic chemicals in the environment. What I wanted to add to this post though, is how much I enjoyed getting to know Maggie, a dog from New Orleans, rescued by a friend. (I cannot have pets as my hubby is allergic.) This may sound funny, but when Maggie passed away last month, I was sad and felt grateful to her for having taught me about what is was like to be a rescued dog.

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us! I am Twittering (Tweeting? I dunno — I’m new) this now.

  6. V Schoenwald says:

    I work with a group called “Pawsitive Partners” here in town. I work behind the scenes to do ICU critical care nursing to some that are rescued but in dire need of medical care after accidents, abuse, and surgery and need 24/7 care. I do not dare work with them directly, as I have a emotion-fueled temper, and after nursing animals that have been butchered by their owners, I have no use for the human race. I used to work with humans years ago, but that is a hopeless venture now.
    I have worked with them for over 20 years now.
    I currently have an ICU kitten.