Coming, Going and Being Counted

Our Mamma Wren and Babies Have Left the Nest

Thursday was an extremely busy day at Our Little House. I had a lot of writing work to do and I had forgotten that Buddy, our foster Beagle, we adopted out a few weeks ago was coming for a visit.

Although his name is no longer Buddy, his new owner calls him Arkie. The gentleman who adopted Buddy, er, Arkie, wanted to attend his 65th high school reunion. He asked me if he should board our boy at the vet, but I told him kenneling a dog is the most stressful option. I had volunteered to watch Arkie anytime he wanted to travel, so I invited him for a stay, which will last about a week this time. We will also have him back at the end of the month for a couple of weeks.

After being sniffed soaking wet by the Fearsome Four, Arkie got back into the routine he knew during his six weeks with us.

When I looked out onto the covered front porch, I realized that our little nest of wrens had found their wings and were gone. We had noticed the mother bird had removed the top of the nest earlier this week and we knew the time was near.

“I hope they do alright,” Dale said when he called at lunch.

As dutifully as their momma took care of them in the weeks on our porch, I’m sure they were given all of the proper skills to cope in this big bad world.

When I started walking back to the Belle Writer’s Studio after lunch, a red car came slowly down the drive.

It was our local census worker. We hadn’t filled out our form. For some reason, we had never received it. He also wanted me to be the “proxy,” or person who certifies that the rest of the homes on our road are not occupied full time.

He was from a neighborhood nearer the fire station. When I gave him our names for the census, he said, “Oh, I’ve heard of you, you’re the writer. I’ve always wanted to meet you.” His girlfriend is an occasional participant in our bookclub.

It’s always fun being recognized as a writer.

I thought the census taking was appropriate for the day: One came in; five flew out and two were officially counted.

Did you complete your census? Why or why not?

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8 Responses

  1. Brandy says:

    Thats nice you offer boarding for your fosters. i shows you really care.
    we only have two pups but we board a friends dog when she goes out of town. she knows hes loved and hes a good friend of my Carlie and that tires him out so my JD can relax some.

    • Brandy, We’ve only done the one foster so far. If we do many more, I don’t know if I could offer to have them all come and stay with us. We do care about Buddy/Arkie and he’s great to have around!

  2. Kathleen Winn says:

    We too have officially been counted, filled out our form and found it quite simple. Glad the baby birds have set off into the world. Must be nice to have Buddy/Arkie home for a visit!

  3. Phillis Godwin says:

    LOVED the article…………….

  4. After doing some work on our roots, I found the census most helpful. If for no other good reason (such as assisting the schools, local government, Congressional count, etc.) for participating in the census, it is a good historical record.

  5. Alexandra says:

    Loved the punch line! Yes, we did complete the census when the census worker came round. I was actually happy to be counted since I missed several censuses when I lived in France.