Save for Earth Day

Earth Day is upon us and there’s nothing retailers love better than a holiday to offer some savings, right?

As a writer, I receive press releases via email every day and the Earth Day press releases have been coming for well over a month.

I thought I would share some of the sites that have deals going on this week or some are just for tomorrow.

At the very least, you might become aware of some interesting outlets:

K9 Cuisine: They don’t have any deals going on, but they do have free shipping on all of their high quality natural and organic blends of dog food. I do professionally blog about animal rescue for the company’s founder, but I’m also a customer. As you know, we feed our Fearsome Five Wellness brand food, as I concluded through extensive research that it’s one of the best foods on the market. Last weekend, I ran out of cash before we could get the food during a trip to Mountain Home, 40 minutes away. Instead of going back this week just for dog food, I ordered it through K9 Cuisine. This will save us a trip and hopefully, help reduce our carbon imprint (deliveries are never made out our way unless there’s several to make).

I’ve blogged about the documentary Food, Inc., a look at where our food in the U.S. is really coming from and now you can watch it for free on your local PBS station this evening, 9 p.m. EST.

These coupon sites have many coupons for Earth Day and Earth Day week savings. This site has a coupon for organic bedding from Pottery Barn. This site has some really interesting coupons.

I constantly get offers from Organic Bouquet and they have some pretty cool deals going on this week as well.

If you’re in the market for some new jewelry (anniversary, engagement, etc.), how about going with some ethical diamonds and other stones at Brilliant Earth? With the purchase of a ring this month, they are giving away a cool necklace. At the very least, you can sign their petition to end diamond mining human rights abuses. They’re shooting for 10,000 signatures.

I’m a big fan of Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil. It’s a lot better than plastic wrap on the environment and during the recession when other companies were shrinking the containers and value of their products, Reynolds Wrap added 5 feet more for the same price. If it is dried and clean, it can be thrown in with your aluminum recyclables as well. They’re doing a coupon for $1.25 off of their recycled foil.

Do any of you have more special offers and discounts for Earth Day you can share?

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21 Responses

  1. i am a regular customer of food delivery services and i find them very convenient~;~

  2. Dmarie says:

    some recycling places will not accept aluminum foil. be sure to check. 🙂

  3. thanks for including the diamond info! i feel like the movie “blood diamonds” should be required viewing

  4. Kathleen Winn says:

    Kerri- Great tips! I am assuming that a company called “K-9 Cuisine” does not also produce cat food. Science Diet is up to over thirty dollars for a 17.5 pound bag of cat food. When it costs more to feed a couple of cats, than a horse, I know something is very wrong so I’m in the market for a cheaper, but high quality cat food. I learned from previous cats,that the cheap brands end up making them throw up and can lead to kidney damage. If anyone can recommend a good quality cat food at a reasonable price, I’d appreciate it.

    • kerri says:

      Actually, K9 Cuisine does sell cat food, Kathleen. (I know, misleading, but I didn’t name the company!) 🙂
      Science Diet used to be a very high quality food, but is no longer. If you want high quality, you’re probably not going to find it cheaper. However, feeding a quality food to your animals is just as important for their health as it is ours. Look for foods with no by-products (and check the label on your SD), which could be anything from beaks to feet. For example, the first few ingredients on Wellness is: Beef, chicken or fish, sweet potatoes, etc. with no by-products anywhere. “Human quality ingredients” is what you’re looking for with as few kun-pronounceable ingredients that require a chemistry degree as possible.

      • kerri says:

        I just checked and Wellness does sell cat food, Kathy: and I’m sure K9 Cuisine also carries it too.
        I did extensive research on this last year while writing an article on all-natural foods. This seemed to be the best one at the most reasonable price and easiest to buy. (If we can find it at our small town, it can be found anywhere!)

        • Kathleen Winn says:

          Thanks Kerri- I will definitely check it out. I’ve been told that it’s the “ash” content in cheap cat food that does the most damage. Pet food companies buy meat scraps from slaughter houses. The slaughter houses are required by law to coat meat scraps in ash so that they cannot be sold for human consumption- but I guess it doesn’t matter if beloved pets get sick and die from it. I don’t mind paying a bit more for good quality food for my cats, but it should at least be worth the cost. I appreciate your help!

  5. Kerri, above it states on my comment it is waiting
    moderation. Did you see it? Mary

  6. Mary Brown says:

    I’m the moderator for our local freecycle group and we will be one of the vendors at our County Enviromental Educational Center this weekend for Easth Day. We will be giving away household items, furniture, clothing, gardening tools, toys, bikes ect. We hope to get new members and keep more things out of the landfills that can still be used, repurposed or upcycled. The group I’m in has 7300 members so far.

  7. Reader says:

    No offers or discounts – but I do have a great tip. Wrapping sandwiches in aluminum foil instead of plastic bags keeps them much fresher and tastier. Give it a try, it really works. Aloha, Dee

  8. Alexandra says:

    I have been so busy I did not even get a chance to read our PBS guide this week, so I really appreciate your having told us about Food, Inc. being on. Such a thought-provoking documentary! Everyone should see it.

  9. Glad the tips were of help, Sharon! Thanks for chiming in.

  10. Sharon Waldrop says:

    I don’t know of any special offers for Earth Day and appreciate very much that you shared these! Thank goodness for K9 Cuisine dog food delivery, especially since you have such a long drive into town. I looked at the Organic Bouquet web site and they have some beautiful products!

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