Books and Warm Weather

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Speaking of books, I’ve really fallen behind on my goal to read 26 books this year. I have a list of them to read for book club, as well as a stack of finds from the used bookstore and another stack of books a friend here has given me.

I stalled at six books completed. I know I will get more read just for book club, but I’m finding it harder to sit down with a book now that the weather has turned warmer.

Saturday was book club day and it was stormy and dreary, a perfect day when I got home to cuddle in with a blanket and one of these books.

It was also a good day to nap and Dale and I must have needed it because that’s what we spent the better part of the afternoon doing.

Yesterday was cloudy and cool and we had to go up and get our tomatoes in at our neighbor’s garden, as well as thin out our onions, radishes and lettuce.

The fact of the matter is that I can always find other things to do in the warm weather months other than read.

Books and reading are more of a winter “sport” for me. Once I’m done with my writing assignments, I like being out in nature.

Do you find it harder to find time to read in the warm weather months?

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17 Responses

  1. Rae says:

    I read every day – and I usually finish a book every couple of days. When the weather is warmer I read outside. Life is hectic but I go through withdrawal if I don’t get to read every day!

  2. Heather says:

    I read as part of my healthy sleep routine. I turn off the tv and read until the words start dancing, then I’m ready for bed. That way it doesn’t interfere with times when you can enjoy the outdoors.

  3. MarthaandMe says:

    I can always find an excuse to read! I just got back from FL and read 5 books while there for a week. I love reading on the beach.

  4. Alexandra says:

    Yes, in early spring, the garden does call. However, I have started reading before bed, rather than watching TV. I find it helps with sleep. I’m reading Olive Kittredge by E. Strout, and it is perfect because each chapter stands by itself. Olive pops up in all of the stories. Have you read this book?

  5. Kathleen Winn says:

    I definitely have a harder time getting books read during warm months, even though I’m a lifelong bookworm. I like to garden and my flowers call to me nearly every day. I also have a horse that I keep at a barn which is almost an hour drive away. She has to be ridden at least three times a week or she gets a little crazy (and I have to start all over conditioning my butt to the saddle!) I finished a book a couple of months ago, Nothing to Fear, about the first one hundred days of Franklin Roosevelt’s administration, but since then it’s been mostly magazines and internet surfing. Like Kerri, when the weather gets nice, I can’t stay inside very long. I do usually take a book along when we go camping, which we do a lot of during the summer, but often come home with the book not even having been opened!

  6. Sandy says:

    I love to read. It just seems I often find other things to do instead. April and May are spent weeding and getting my raised bed/straw bale gardens ready. I’ll be planting May 1st and after that I want to start cleaning out our garage(it’s an absolute diaster)and get rid of the junk. It’s an overwhelming job and everytime I go out there and ponder what needs to be done, I can really find “something else to do” rather than start cleaning it. I’m just going to have to force myself and do it, then maybe I can reward myself a relaxing weekend curled up with a good book. Don’t you want to come and help me?

  7. My mom always read in bed before falling asleep, BJ. My problem is that I’m always too tired by the time I get to bed! I’m going to have to do better at time management, especially this time of year.

  8. Bj says:

    I love reading, so for me it is hard to convince myself not to read. I love being outside, however, and always have a book with me in the backpack, or the car, etc. I make sure I always get an hour of reading in every night before I fall asleep.