The Perfect Sofa Table

Sofa Table

There wasn’t much to do on Saturday afternoon, it was a cold, rainy day and I felt like getting out of the house.

We went over to Harrison, Arkansas, ate at one of my favorite places, Neighbors Mill, and then headed over to Log Cabin Furniture where we bought our bed and my office furniture. While we don’t have room for anymore stuff, I still like to window shop. Last spring, we picked up one of my favorite and most functional pieces for The Little House, the sofa table shown above.

Even in our house in the city, I didn’t have room for a side table near me on the sofa and I had one of these that my mother in law had given me. However, that one was stained in cherry and didn’t go with anything in The Little House, so I didn’t bring it with us. One thing I’ve definitely learned in The Little House is that everything must not only be decorative, but functional.

When I found this at Log Cabin Furniture, I was so excited, as I had nowhere to put drinks while we watched television or my coffee while I read the paper in the morning. The other end of the futon just doesn’t provide any view of the television. Dale probably could have made one of these for much less than we paid for it, but shhh….don’t tell him I said this, but if I had waited for him to make it, I would probably still be waiting! Instead, I got up yesterday morning, sat down with my newspaper, Molly (who is usually the only dog to get up with me), and sat my hot cup of coffee on my perfect little sofa table.

Have you ever found anything that just fits perfect in your house? What is your most favorite piece of furniture?

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24 Responses

  1. Couch is furniture that is used for sitting purpose, it is also known as sofa or settee. Two or three people can easily sit on a single couch. It has armrest on both sides for providing support. Couches are found in family rooms, lounge, living rooms, and offices and many more. What kind of pillows for couches hide stains the best? I love to eat on my couch but I’m always spilling stuff all over it haha.

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  4. Keema says:

    I love my upholstered rocking chair, which I bought new over 15 years ago. It is quite the worse for wear, but I love it because it is so comfortable, sized just right for a short person. When I moved a couple of years ago, a friend asked me pointedly “Are you keeping this chair?” I told her it was my favorite, and that I would eventually have it re-upholstered. I later laughed about this, because it reminded me of one of the early episodes of the TV show “Fraser” , where the father moved in to the elegant apartment with his scruffy recliner, which he refused to give up.

  5. MarthaandMe says:

    I have to tell you something a little silly. Your blog makes me think of a children’s 70s TV show called The Friendly Giant. It was on Canadian TV and there was guy in a green giant suit (real man)who would move furniture around a dollhouse sized castle. That castle always felt so cozy and snug to me as the giant would pull a tiny chair up to the tiny fireplace for us viewers to use. Your blog makes me feel the same way – cozy and snug and in a safe little hideway.

  6. Alexandra says:

    I think my most favorite piece of furniture is our mattress, from Nature Rest, so very comfortable …

    Here on Cape Cod, we have many estate sales which is a good way to pick up nice furniture cheap. I have gotten many pieces that way, so I am not 100% about them, but the price is right and no one can argue with that…

  7. Last summer I found a comfy chair for the master bedroom at a yard sale, barely used and now it’s my computer chair where I blog and read on my laptop. Also, found a foot stool, too, so I put my feet up and really get comfortable.

  8. Bj says:

    Since the house I am in is quite large (relatively at 943sq ft..compared to the 250 sq ft of the cabin) I use my IKEA sofa tables as my computer desk in my “office”…they sit closer to the wall, and I am at the perfect height sitting down. I may have to reduce to one of the tables come summer when I move down…don’t know if two would quite fit!
    I like the looks of that little table…guess I will go in my workshop this weekend and see if I can make something like that. I want one that has a little shelf on the bottom for a magazine or two to be kept, plus room for a TV dinner or coffee mug. You inspire me, Kerri!

  9. fuzzy says:

    You were in my stomping grounds!

    I have a lot of favorites, because I’m the furniture shopper in our house– and I specialize in secondhand/ebay/craigslist/flea market/thrift shop finds. I honestly do prefer my used stuff to what I see in stores today– wouldn’t trade it!

    I’ve started selling some of my finds online now that I have no real “needs”– gives me a chance to keep shopping!

    One of my favorites is the long Vietnamese bamboo dining table in my dining room. So unique!

    • Yes, we were, Fuzzy! It was a spontaneous trip. We were dying for some potato soup at Neighbor’s Mill and it was such a good day for it!
      Your dining table sounds awesome, I love unique finds!

  10. Frugal Kiwi says:

    I once bought a low dark Mission-style coffee table and found sea-grass baskets that fit perfectly on its shelf. I loved that table. It was one of the harder things I had to leave behind when I moved to NZ. Sigh.

  11. Phillis Godwin says:

    Loved the little table, also love your articles.

  12. Phillis Godwin says:

    Hey Kerri
    Nice Table. Love your articles.

  13. Cindyt says:

    Having just moved into my own ‘Little’ House…I am in the shopping mode and looking for just the ‘right’ size and functional pieces of furniture. Right now only have an office chair, and two borrowed stadium chairs to sit on…but hey I only have one Butt right? 🙂 The new buyer for my old place fell in love with my old furniture and bought it so except for my bed and some book shelves, and office furniture I am done with the moving! Now the Shopping Begins…Sweet!!! Looking forward to finding just the right pieces..but I know what you mean when it not only must look good…but it HAS to be functional too! I like the idea of that little table as the Living Room space in the new house is small and I like to have a neat little table to rest my uh..drinks/Margarita’s etc. on! Thanks, for the idea! Cindyt

    • You’re welcome, Cindy! We also have a great little functional desk I will write about on Wednesday and our little kitchen table for Friday!

      • Cindyt says:

        Will look forward to future notes on functional furniture. Have my little office set up. but I am certainly looking for ideas on a kitchen table. Thinking about a great fold out one I had in one of our first homes an old Spartan Trailer! it was so cute with little nookie shelves on each side and when folded down only 4 inches deep by 30″ wide. it was mighty clever. I have a picture of a similar one from a trailer restoration site. I am thinking of having a handy person build it for me. Cindyt

  14. Kathleen Winn says:

    When David and I first got married, we made do with other people’s cast off furniture and estate sale finds. Then when we had kids, we decided to give up my income so that I could be home with them. So- even though we got a few new things, our house was furnished mostly with a hodge podge of stuff that other people no longer wanted.

    When I went back to work and we had more income- we bought our first ever brand new set of furniture- a whole dining room set. I absolutely fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I still love walking into our dining room and seeing it.

    The little end table is adorable- and so perfect for your house! Great blog as usual!

    • Thanks, Kathy! We had a lot of cast offs too. I’m into that old formica topped tables and this one little stool from the 50’s-60 era. Dale said, “We borrowed one of those when we first got married and you hated it!” I said, “Yes, but it was just old then, now it is cool retro!” 🙂

  15. babette says:

    OH, add me to the waiting for furniture brigade. On the current list: cherry bookcases, a desk, a bed for our daughter, shelves….I think I have vetoed the idea of the desk wait because I NEED MORE DESK…NOW.

    But that little table IS clever…We live in small space and i’m all about tossing whenever anything new comes in (bought two new bed pillow yesterday; found the two oldest and shabbiest and out they go)…DH likes to keep keep keep…it’s a frustrating tug of war…but hey, I’ll keep waging the battle…

    anyway: cute, smart table.