Attracting the Good

The Little House, my writing career & my writer's studio (above) were all part of the dream

The Little House, my writing career & my writer's studio (above) were all part of the dream

In the past few months, I’ve received many notes about our achieving our dream in our Little House. Sometimes the notes and comments I’ve gotten from folks in email and through Mother Earth News say how our story has motivated them to make their own dreams reality. Other times, I’ve been asked exactly what steps we took to get here.

I give credit to getting here to The Law of Attraction, the power to will things into our lives.

Now, before you go thinking I’m off my rocker, believing in some woo-woo nonsense of making things appear through magical powers, I’m not, and it isn’t about magic.

The Law of Attraction isn’t about making things appear with a twitch of the nose or an “abracadabra,” or just by drawing or writing about your dreams, as it might have been interpreted in the best selling book and documentary, “The Secret.”

Our house sold within 7 days, to the 3rd looker, just as I had journaled

Our house sold within 7 days, to the 3rd looker, just as I had journaled

The Law of Attraction is about knowing what you want in your life, believing it will come to fruition, and taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves to make it a reality.

And yes, I do believe there is science behind it as well in Quantum Physics and Neuroplasticity.

My mother believed in the Law of Attraction and so, I really have been a believer, if not only just on a subconscious level, all of my life. In the neighborhood in which Dale and I grew up, having a lake home was “it,” and I’d wanted one for as long as I could remember.

In 2003, the opportunity to build a lake home on land my aunt initially bought with my uncle and mother presented itself to us.

As with being a full-time writer, I didn’t know how or when the dream of having a lake home would come true, but I knew enough to grasp both opportunities when they were presented in my life.

When we decided to make living here full-time a reality, my aunt had actually just brought me the DVD of “The Secret.” It was the week of my mother’s funeral and knowing I was devastated over that loss, my aunt wanted to remind me that my mother believed in the power of attraction. She wanted me to remember that my mom wouldn’t have wanted my dreams to stop because she was gone.

As I wrote above, I think there are a lot of things wrong in that book and DVD for people who didn’t have a basic understanding of The Law of Attraction. It relayed the message that attainment of your dreams and goals is quick and easy and it was based on too much commercial and material attainment and didn’t focus enough on the values of love and gratitude as part of the equation.

However, it did remind me of the basics of The Law of Attraction. That very spring I began journaling about how I envisioned our move. I still have the journal that outlines every detail including:

  • Our house is only shown three times and sells within a week.
  • Dale gets the job of his dreams by the fall. It is good paying and has benefits.

These things came true for us. Our house did sell exactly 7 days of being put on the market and was sold to the 3rd couple that toured it and our move went smoothly. Dale did get the job he wanted at a major boat manufacturer and it was good paying and had benefits.

Of course, it wasn’t just journaling the specifics that made those things happen.

We took steps to ensure our goals were realized. We hired a great real estate agent with high sales results; we watched a million episodes of “Sell This House,” learning how to stage it to sell quickly, took advice from our real estate agent and worked our butts off on the house for 2 months prior to putting it on the market.

When I got here, I started making calls to the boat company to see what jobs they had available. We were both very surprised that they hired mechanics; we thought Dale would be taking an assembly job, not something he actually had skills for!

What putting our dreams down on paper did was crystallize my intention for our new life here, but we still had to take steps to make our dreams happen.

Now, if you’ve been reading “Living Large” for a while, you know that things starting going askew about a year after our move.

It’s taken me a little while to read and do research, going deeper than what “The Secret” lined out about The Law of Attraction to figure out how to get us back on course.

On Wednesday, I’ll talk about the mistakes we made and how we began attracting things we didn’t want into our lives, as well as having a guest who has written a book on it (hint: There’s a book giveaway in there!)

Do you know anything about The Law of Attraction? Do you think there’s something to it, or just fantasy? Have you used it in your own life? How?

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17 Responses

  1. Patricia Brown says:

    It takes such courage to just let go & go for it. I will try to work more toward the “action” part this year.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a hard time with the law of attraction. Just because I am a worrier, I worry about becoming homeless, or being hungry. Being a single mom and not having any other support is hard so I feel like I am drowning everyday. I know you are supposed to think positive, but it is hard to do that. I dream of moving to a better place having a little store selling crafts and classes but thinking positive about getting it seems to be a long shot. Sorry for the confusing post.

    • Dear Friend,
      Your post isn’t confusing. It is hard to think positive and stay on that level when you have little. But believe me, it does work and it does make one feel better. Hopefully, you’ll come back tomorrow and read the post on vision boards.

  3. Cindyt says:

    I don’t know about the Law of Attraction…but I am a BIG believer in the Power of Positive Thinking!!! And in away seems to be related because Positive Thoughts and Actions attract Positive results! Has always been so in my life. Just as being Negative attracts negative results!

  4. Keema says:

    The Law of Attraction is real, and available to anybody who is willing to put it into practice. I have watched the DVD of The Secret, and I had a similar reaction to yours. It seems to be devoid of human caring and kindness. The part that is true is that you can make good things happen in your life. Be specific, believe it will happen, and then look for the opportunities in your life.
    I have a special way of doing this through my religion, which is Nichiren Buddhism.

  5. Rosie says:

    Nice post, Kerri, and a great explanation of how the Law of Attraction works. So many are disappointed when their dreams aren’t realized. But the Universe likes to see action!

  6. Monica Bhide says:

    I am a huge believer in the Laws of Attraction. I loved your post. You have inspired me to have faith in my own journal and to look forward to the future.
    thank you! A much needed reminder!

  7. Kathleen Winn says:

    My daughter started riding horses at a very young age, hunter jumper Thoroughbreds. She excelled at it, but was limited in how far she could go in competition because we simply could not afford the cost of buying and maintaining such an expensive animal. We told her we could pay for lessons and a certain number of horse shows, but would never be able to buy her a horse. One Christmas I gave each of the girls a stocking stuffer, a little clay pot with a lid and a word etched on the side. Jessica’s word was “wishes.” Into the pot she put a note saying “I wish I had a horse of my own.” She also put some horse hair and a little horse charm inside. Within the year several things happened that improved our financial situation, including me getting a much better paying job and David a promotion. A horse became available at the stable where she was riding, for a very reasonable price and you guessed it, we were able to buy her a horse. His name? “Never Say Never”

  8. You’re right about it being in the action, Jenna. I will be talking about our “greatest fears coming true,” on Wednesday!

  9. Jenna Martin says:

    I’ve seen it work over and over again…for good and bad. I’ve seen people worry over something happening and inadvertently cause their worry to come true. I’ve seen people stay focused on what they want to happen positively and it succeed wildly. I’ve seen people wish and want and get nothing. The difference is always in the action.