A Plea on Behalf of Writers in Need due to Illness

Friends of Living Large,

Would you please hop over to The Literary Lab and vote for The Writer’s Emergency Assistance Fund? This blog will give a grant to the charity with the most votes this week. (The voting box is in the upper right hand corner of the blog).

It only takes less than 30 seconds to vote, you need not be a writer (only a compassionate soul, which I know there are many here!) and your vote might make the difference of someone being able to stay in their home, or receive medical care.

The Writer’s Emergency Assistance Fund is a cause I have supported because I have seen the tremendous difference it can make in my colleagues lives. They give grants to writers who have had catastrophic illness that prevents them from working.

As you know, for most writers, it is a hand-to-mouth profession. Writers struggle daily with coming up with money for health insurance, many don’t have the luxury of carrying disability insurance.  The Writer’s Emergency Assistance Fund has given grants to elderly writers struggling with medical expenses, as well as to single mothers who have had to deal with life threatening diseases of their children.

The head of the board reported that requests for assistance by writers needing emergency grants has exploded 500 percent in the past year.

Just one click of your mouse might help one of them….

Thank you, friends.

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